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Everything starts with a thought.

Everything starts with a thought … I thought/dreamed/imagined being on the World Stage in natural bodybuilding 10 years before it became reality.
Belief in God and belief in myself helped me twice rank in the Top 5 in the world in my chosen sport.
No belief, nothing!
With your thoughts and energy channelled in the direction of your goal, don’t underestimate what you can achieve in ten years.

We are told that mankind is living longer than ever before in our modern history. The question I like to ask is how much of this ‘extended life expectancy’ gives more joy, better quality of life? Or is it fuelled by the ever-increasing reliance on the many drug stores opening up around the place selling and hooking people on to the scores of products that are supposed to help people. Supposed to help people eliminate ailments such as stomach aches, relieve heart burn, stop diarrhoea, cure headaches, lose weight, overcome skin problems, bad breath, hypertension and fatigue. You name it – there is a drug that will ‘fix’ the problem.

Is this what the human race has evolved to? Is this how far we have come as a race, even after all the scientific and medical progress that has been made in the last fifty years? I wonder, sometimes, how we came to be the way we are now? When I take a long hard look around, I am not impressed. I heard on the news or radio recently, that for the first time in mankind’s history, the current younger generations are more likely to die before their parents do. This is very sad if you asked me.

Statistically, children – yours maybe, will not live to the age of their parents (you) will likely live, simply because of their inactive lifestyles and poor eating habits.

Here’s what I have learned after close to twenty five years of training and living a lifestyle of a natural bodybuilder: Good health and good intellect are the two greatest blessing in life. If you are born with health, as most of us have, you have one of the most important life-enhancing traits within you – HOPE! If you have hope, you have everything and you can quote me on this.

When people lose hope, they lose the will to live.

The essence of life is: vitality, the life-force of life!

Without health, where is the joy in life, I ask you? I have found that maybe due to the pressures of ‘the way things have always been done in the past’, everyone is forced in to doing things that they have been brainwashed to thinking they should do. People work very hard in whatever profession they find themselves in and try to know everything there is to know about the subject. They become ‘experts’ in their area of expertise. All for the purpose of making money, commonly making the mistake of thinking money is everything – the be-all and end-all!

Many strive to be experts at everything else external, and yet are not experts at the most important thing: themselves.

This is where I beg to differ on all levels – from the philosophical all the way to the practical. Money and the hunger for more and more of it at the expense of everything else is very unhealthy and leads to unwanted disaster, sooner or later. Unfortunately, many do just this to satisfy the insatiable desire to acquire valuables they have been brainwashed into thinking by marketers, they should get because it adds to them as a status symbol.

Remember this: there is no wealth like health. Your health and fitness are way more important. Wealth cannot buy health. Wealth without health is a mockery. The healthy labourer in my opinion is better than a sick millionaire.

But you can, you have a choice to do something about it. Not tomorrow, today – now!

Why? Because your life is the most valuable thing given to you. When you make the decision to prioritise YOU and your life, you have a change of thought. Everything begins with a thought. When you make that decision to help YOU and don’t take life for granted, you choose your health. And when you have health, you have that most elusive thing of life, that intangible thing that some people have, that thing that is the essence of life: vitality.

I think it was Samuel Johnson, the English literary genius that said –

“To preserve health, is a moral and religious duty, for health is the basis of all social virtues. We can longer be useful when not well.”

Great words. So true. Have you questioned how moral you have been to YOU?

I don’t care how old you are, it does not matter. Whether you are man or woman, tall or short, fat or thin, young or not so young, my advice from my heart, is I hope you generate the DESIRE TO CHANGE YOUR MIND – TODAY! Change your mind to help that person you see in the mirror, help him or her move towards the healthier, fitter person you imagine yourself to be.

Implant that desire with a thought, a thought to help the most important person in the world to you: YOU!

Here, Ex-Australian Rugby legend Phil Waugh using a ‘thumbless grip’ in a Smith Machine to do Bench Presses.
Become aware; Apply action: Adapt accordingly.

Look around us, it is estimated that all the knowledge accumulated in the 20,000 years to 2003 is doubled every two days since then. Information, technology and knowledge has increased exponentially and the combination of exercise/weight training and good nutrition is better understood than ever before. But why is the world suffering from an obesity epidemic? Well, I feel that, sadly, millions and millions of people are still not following a sensible path to ensure lifelong health and fitness.

People are creatures of habit and unfortunately it is more difficult to lose a ‘less-than-ideal (bad)’ habit then it is to adopt a good one. So much energy and effort is put in to hanging on to and justifying the need to retain a bad habit(s). If all that energy was transmuted in to focusing on and taking up good habit(s), we would have less preventable problems in the world.

Unfortunately, human beings are more reactive then proactive.

Why are millions not making the right choices given the knowledge and information available to them? A strong contributor is the increasing need for newer and modern technology and its use. These newer platforms of social media – facebook, twitter, text messaging, video games, increasing use of apps, all have one thing in common: they all encourage physical inactivity.

When I was growing up, I remember spending most of my waking hours after school with friends in the neighbourhood. We were always expanding physical energy with different games out on the streets.

Here’s another truth: what you eat today will be walking and talking on you tomorrow!

We’re all getting older by the second, yes, but some depreciate faster than others, mainly because of lifestyle choices. Today you may be relatively young but youth is always fading.

There are no guarantees in life, but if we choose well (health and fitness), we can live our days with healthy activities to get us near to perfect health, fitness and physique as possible.

If you have read this far, then it tells me that you are serious about making a change in your lifestyle. What I have always cared about with everyone that I have ever helped over the last two decades is their current physical condition and state of mind. This is exactly what I am concerned about with you, today.

To begin your change, your journey, you need to desire to change your mind as everything begins with a thought. But effort alone is not enough, you also need to dream, you need to liven up your imagination and set yourself some goals. What is a goal anyway? It is a dream with a deadline.

You need to sit back and take a few minutes out of your busy day and ask yourself if you’re worth it? Do you believe that your life is valuable enough so that the rest of your life (from this point on) could indeed be the best years. Can you picture, imagine your remaining days? Maybe you’re so busy in your daily life, you haven’t given it much thought.

One thing I have always been fascinated about is life but in particular – people. I am a watcher of people, always have been and always will observe others with burning curiosity.

Now, you may be asking yourself, okay Paul, where do I begin?

Well, you need to take stock of the most important thing you will rely on: your state of mind, in particular – your motivation. Being motivated is a wonderful gift and a lack of motivation is a hard nut to crack, so to speak!

Here’s what I tell most, if not all that have ever come to me for help: Find a quiet moment in a private room in your home that has a full length mirror. Lock the door and take all your clothes off. That’s right, everything. Now, just look at the image of you reflecting out of that full length mirror. Just stand there and don’t do anything but look. Absorb your full glory for 30 seconds. Don’t flex your arms or smile. Don’t even think about sucking in that gut. Relax that tummy and now….turn to the side. No sucking in, let it all hang out! Now, what do you see?

This is the REAL YOU! Happy?!

Need more motivation? Angry? Now, you have all the motivation you need. How could you let this happen to your body? You were born with the greatest gift of all: physical health.

Now, ask yourself this question: do you value YOU, do you value your life? Are you going to continue as you have to this point? Clogging your arteries, adding layers of fat to every part of your body, risking ill-health, aches and pains and an early grave – increasing your overall life risk?

Or … are you going to choose great health and fitness for the rest of your life?

Everything begins with a thought and where you end up in life, begins and ends in your thought.

Watch your thoughts. Choose well, my friend.

It’s your life, after all and the rest of your best years of your life depends on this choice.

All the very best in your choice.


Until next time,

Chris enjoying a well-deserved rest between sets.
A ‘set’ as I define it is: a continuous progression of 15 to 45 sec ‘focused moments’.
Effort + Focus + heart + visualization + simulation [Quality Plan + Quality Implementation] ===> Quality results.

a better life, action, adaptation, awareness, Energy

The world needs more insanity.

Here, Chris is enhancing his 'mind-muscle connection' (posing). This helps close the 'gap' between how he sees himself in the mirror and how he imagines himself to be. He dreamed it and then achieved it.

Here, Chris is enhancing his ‘mind-muscle connection’ (posing). This helps close the ‘gap’ between how he sees himself in the mirror and how he imagines himself to be.
He dreamed it and then achieved it.

You may be a little shocked at such a subject heading and fair enough. Stick with me now …. Firstly, lets attempt to define the term ‘sanity’. How would we define insanity? Possible description could be ‘that which is not sane’. So, my next question is how would you define sanity?

Do you believe that the world needs more sanity or insanity? I believe the world needs more of the latter. The ugliness in the world today is the compounding effect of sane/logical thinking over the ages resulting from the brain-washing belief that everyone thought of themselves as thinking creatures that feel.

This is where the root of the problem is – because biologically we are feeling creatures that think, not the other way around!

So, if we are the latter, then most of our thoughts, actions and behaviour will be heavily influenced by the hormones running havoc within our body to make us feel a certain way. I have always believed that, contrary to what most of you think, you are not in control of yourself as you think you are.

Scary thought isn’t it?

To feel your way through something is to ‘trust’. And trust seems to be in short supply in today’s increasingly interrupted world. The reason I believe the world needs more insanity is because every one of us (you included) would experience insanity (intermittently) every single day. This is a strength, not a weakness. Let me explain….

“And how do we do that (experience intermittent insanity)?” you may be thinking.

Well, every time we sleep and we ‘dream’, we technically experience intermittent insanity. Do you dream? Do you struggle to remember your dreams when you awake from your slumber? I know I do.

Everyone needs a little help, a little guidance, a few wise words of encouragement at critical points in our paths through life. With a quality plan + quality implementation (mentor/coach), you can achieve the results that you seek with a little

Everyone needs a little help, a little guidance, a few wise words of encouragement at critical points in our paths through life.
With a quality plan + quality implementation (mentor/coach), you can achieve the results that you seek with a little push like I appear to be doing here with Brad.

It would seem that to dream is to experience living in a fantasy world. However, in this world, things happen, emotions are felt, actions are carried out, people are present, with all the waking sensations coming and going.

So if you sleep, then it is highly likely that you dream (even though you don’t recall most of them). And if you dream, then you at several points in your sleep – you experience a temporary and intermittent form of insanity!

So, it follows that to dream is to be insane. This is exactly what the world needs more than ever. The world needs more dreamers. Someone had to dream up the Opera House before it was built. Someone had to dream up the Empire State Building or the Sydney Harbour Bridge before it was built.

The world needs more dreamers …. More insane people. The world needs dreamers to develop new creations, innovate new ways of doing things, inspire new technologies to help make the world a better place to live in. The world needs more people who are insane and comfortable being insane.

People need to be comfortable in their uniqueness, in the difference they bring to the world. People need to appreciate their uniqueness and celebrate it, instead of just trying ‘to be the same as everyone else’. I couldn’t think of anything worse than that.

These individuals (including you) are not striving to ‘being different’ but instead comfortable with ‘creating a difference’ in the world, one person at a time.

It is the dreamers, the person’s that experienced and remembered those ‘moments of insanity (dreams)’ that bring about change. The real geniuses of change started out by ‘feeling’ the real pain others’ were feeling every day in whatever area of life. These dreaming change agents, dreaming of a better world bring about change. Positive change.

We need dreamers to offer new perspective on familiar challenges. We need dreamers to take the world we all know and create chaos and turn it around so that we (the world) can view it from a strange but strangely enlightening angle.

The world need to learn to embrace the ideas that flow from these dreamers because they may be profound, because they are novel, because they may be clarifying, because they are contrary and because they may be outright bizarre. For all these chaotic reasons and more, dreamers will provide the jolts of energy that the world needs to move forward to a better place.

People do not want a world that is different. No, people want something to be able to create a difference. A positive difference. This is what dreamers, what all the intermittent insanity sufferers can offer.

The world needs more insanity, more dreamers to provide hope that each and every individual has the courage to create a difference. To create change. To be empowered.

One life at a time.

Ex-Australian Wallaby Rugby Captain achieving his transformation goals under my watchful eyes. Using my framework, the product was tailored and customized to him. There is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to body re-engineering.

Ex-Australian Wallaby Rugby Captain achieving his transformation goals under my watchful eyes.
Using my framework, the product was tailored and customized to him.
There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to body re-engineering.

Keep dreaming, I say. Never stop dreaming and never stop believing in yourself.

On a personal level, everyone I have ever helped in the gym over the last twenty years who have successfully achieved desired results actually set goals for themselves and had clear pictures of how they imagined themselves to be. By setting goals, they have dreamed and believed in their dream (goals).

What is a goal anyway? It can be said to be a ‘dream with a deadline!”

There is enough evidence over time that the breaks go to the people with dreams. The breaks go to those who are a little insane (to dream). To get your ‘break’ in whatever area in your life, you need to dream, you need to set specific goals.

It is like magic because somehow, it seems, in my experience the dream itself provides the motivation and the means for its own accomplishment.

Get sufficient daily sleep and rest for the mind, body and spirit as this is key for recovery and functioning optimally. In doing so, embrace those intermittent moments of insanity (dreams) and try to harness them. Who knows, you could be the creator of a tool that may serve and help the citizens of the world become a better place.

So, allow yourself to be insane every now and then. I think it is healthy and I think the world needs more insanity. I believe the power rests within each and every human being as each and every one of you have talents that are just waiting to be uncovered.

Open that door to possibilities, your possibilities … through dreams. As someone once said, if you can’t dream it, you can’t achieve it!

It is through controlled chaos, that we evolve and achieve a new state of equilibrium – individually and collectively, a new order.


Until next time,

Side Triceps. Australian Natural Bodybuilding Championships. 2nd in Australia. "Quality Plan + Quality Implementation = Quality Results.

Side Triceps.
Australian Natural Bodybuilding Championships.
2nd in Australia.
“Quality Plan + Quality Implementation = Quality Results.

Your seeds of greatness lies within you. Look. Build. New Start. Vv.

Your seeds of greatness lies within you.
Look. Build. New Start.