What is our individual responsibility? Where does boundary end?

Or is it?

I am a strong Christian. An Irish Catholic.

One thing I have observed since childhood is that there are certain parts of Christianity that really try to say, usually, a little guy on the street corner yelling out –

“Repent .. the End is Near!

They have been saying that for a very long time, over ten thousand years in fact. But, is it?

Is today’s sudden interest in Environmental movements by Corporate Institutions and Governments another dish of the same ingredients – that began with the “original sin” in the Garden of Eve? Is it possible that this is what Greta Thurnberg saying? And the AOC and the World Economic Forum saying and … Biden?

Is it really? Or is it just a re-packaging of the same old message of FEAR. Fear that I have heard throughout my Christian life. This Fear, it seems is simply the fear the majority has of a FINITE life … fear that is transferred from SELF to something else … like humanity being killers of Nature. This projection used to be put on witches and heretics … but now it is on CLIMATE CHANGE.

But why?

Why is there such a push? What is Big Business on this bandwagon? The only reason I can think this way and ask questions is that unlike most people, I am not afraid of my death. I have absolutely no fear of dying. My grandfather taught me many many years ago in my youth – to only worry about what you CAN CONTROL… and do something about.

Over the past fifty years, media-sensitive scientists have learnt that the best way of attracting public attention and government funding is to deliver apocalyptic prognosis – nuclear devastation, meteoric bombardment, an impending ice-age, global warming. Modern scientific forecasters seem to fulfil the same psychological needs as religious prophets who preached that the end of the world represents God’s punishment of the sinful.

So, from this point-of-view, global warming is more rewarding than an ice age because blame can be assigned to the human race. In contrast with natural disasters, the greenhouse effect and the thinning of the ozone layer are attributable to the industrial activities that drive modern profit-based capitalism.

But it is one of delusion … as ultimately, none of us can get out of this thing called life, ALIVE.

Controlling your Death is one of those things you CANNOT have total CONTROL over. I cannot do anything about me living a short life (100 years).

Think 🤔. To Really think, does not only involve the brain 🧠. It involves the mind, the heart ❤️, the spirit and the “essence of life” – 💝itality. It includes the blessings of Wisdom.

“What’s going On?

I love Marvin Gaye.

I loved his voice, his singing and his complete musical artistry. One of the my favourite songs of all time was his song –

What’s Going On ..”

Do you remember this hit?

Soul … man … soul.

But that is the question he asked way back in the 70s … and that is the question I have been asking over the last two decades … especially in the last three to five years – “What’s going on?”

What’s going on in our societies … what’s going on locally, nationally and internationally? Do you know? Can we truly say that we can believe everything we have been told to date?


Society has a tiny tiny few at the Top of the Pyramid – controlling all the finance, all the energy, all the fuel … and everyone else dependent on those tiny few. The majority have lost their jobs, lost their businesses, lost their dignity … to these few who control everything.


Just like a marriage where one partner works and earns the money (a form of energy) and the other invests his/her energy with the upkeep of the home … and invests time and energy in to the raising of their children.

As Some thinkers state, this control of ALL energy by the few, is moving society towards not just a POLICE STATE but a Military-Police State … a fusion of the two. Have you seen the riot police uniforms … the officers are fully attired in military style kits. It looks scary as shit. These are’nt what police officers are meant to look like .. they are supposed to be helping the communities and not giving the impression that they are just glorified men and women of a large Mafia (the Government) who are sent out to do the ‘dirty work’ for those in control.

These modern-day ‘hench-men/women’ who are given legal powers to force the WILL OF THE FEW on the majority, by force and whatever means necessary. To ultimately stop the people from rebelling against them in any way, shape or form.

More and more People are being pushed into the lower parts of the pyramid and they are struggling to just survive. The cost of living is exorbitant, their small businesses are suffering …and families are breaking up and the once cohesiveness of tight-nit groups are falling apart.

What’s going on?

It seems that the majority …. The people in the increasingly filled lower areas of the pyramid is suffering like never before. Because of these selfish few at the top of the pyramid…. The few working through our National Governments.

I’ve said many times before that Life is about Energy Management, not Time Management. And those at the top of the pyramid know and understand that, too. They know that if you can CONTROL Energy … and fuel … ALL forms of ENERGY, you have ULTIMATE CONTROL of the system that societies run on … and you can CONTROL the masses.

Is there are concerted effort by the elite few … the handful of very large Energy Multinationals to increase their market share and … hence, control of the ENERGY MARKET?

And why do they do this?

Because they know that if they control more of the ENERGY … they control more of society because human society was founded on Energy.

From the outside looking in …

… you’d think the world is very stable .. very solid … so entrenched in its foundations … UNFRAGILE. But the truth is …

That is a HUGE LIE.

If this covid period has shown us, one thing is that the whole world is very FRAGILE … so tenuous.

Does this remind us of anything? In modern history? What about ancient histories and civilisations?

What happened to the Egyptian and Aztecs and Atlantians? These societies were once the pinnacle of technological advancement in their time. What happened to them? Where are they now?

Why do people think that society ONLY progresses FORWARD? Why do people think that societies don’t regress? If history shows us, societies DO REGRESS and … die … and disappear from existence. Civilisations that were once the modern-day examples of High Technologies and know-how.

Where to from here for our modern-day technology-infused societies? What did they all thrive and grow and survive on? They had access to Energy.

What would happen if the Powers-that-be removed all energy from the masses?

Have you thought of that possibility?

If ALL energy was stripped – electricity, fuel, heat, finances … everything … what would happen? Society … all societies would COLLAPSE in only a few days. What do you think? Do you have a lantern and kerosene fuel standing by? Do you have matches? What about a wood-fired bbq?

Could our world, that we are living in now .. that we are experiencing be forgotten as a result of collapse … of the Energy crisis … and hundreds of thousands of years from now be seen as a ‘myth’ like the Aztecs civilisations were?

Why not? It is a possibility.

Is the “End of Times” here?

Knowing the Pressure Points.

Any skilled acupuncturist knows the precise location of pressure points and inserts needles with the length and angle when seeking to control you.

Those in control, those of our National Governments know exactly what the pressure points are for the masses. They will apply their ‘needles’ for as long as they desire to get what they want. Knowing the pressure points help them achieve control and stifles any hint of rebellion.

I know one thing – Fear is one of the greatest motivators of human beings. But when Fear is combined with GUILT, now this is a WINNING MIXTURE to CONTROL humans. Why is this increasing awareness in how CRUEL and EVIL, humans are? There are more good things about humans than there are evil … I believe Humans are more good than evil.

Then, why is there a sense of GUILT thrust on to individuals .. that we are all somehow responsible for polluting the environment? Just using our car to live our ordinary lives is instilling unfair GUILT on us. Uncalled for … and totally unfair.

This is probably one of the few ways Governments of the world and Big Business can wield ULTIMATE CONTROL over you … over me … over humanity. Pulling the strings of FEAR and GUILT … on CLIMATE CHANGE.

What is “right?” What is your Right? Many time, it is not the same thing. Choose well.

Exercise of Controlled Destruction

Governments of the world are collectively exercising a Controlled Destruction Plan … they know that to achieve growth at times, just like in nature, you need to destroy the status quo. This destruction is like the CREATIVE DESTRUCTION of an clay artist… mixing clay to his/her liking … and destroying what was … to Create something new … a new status quo.

Yes, like nature’s natural disasters – hurricanes, fires, floods, tstunamis … etc … the existing flora and fauna are put under intense torture … and many die. However, following these destructive forces, comes new life … new growth … new possibilities.

That is what Real Life is in today’s world. Those in power are rolling out a series of manifestations of this controlled Creative Destruction…

Emphasising the interconnectedness and … the FRAGILITY of our individual and collective lives that we live today.

Control of Energy and the control of the use and the access to Energy is fundamental to the control of humanity.

As Einstein said … everything is energy. It makes logical sense that you need to become a Master at Energy Management, not time management.

What do Extinction Rebellions want?

There are many pros for the argument of using Electric as the soul source of Energy for everything. They want NO DIVERSITY.

What is the ultimate risk here?

What if there was one big switch and the very few have control over that switch. What then?

Why is everything being done to demonise fossil fuel? Do we want everything to run on electricity? Why? What happens if everything is running on electricity? What happens if there is a power-shortage?

Or … those in control of the grid, decide to switch it off?

Everything goes out … with one flick! That’s what.

All power is gone. Heating is gone. Water is gone. All transport depending on electricity is gone. Everything that requires power through electricity … is gone.

With one switch.

And ..

That … is the ultimate aim. Full and complete CONTROL over the masses.

What can we do?

Let’s not forget that we … all of us … the majority that are not sitting right at the top of the pyramid need to unite.

Unite as one.

We need to ALL stop listening and doing what they are telling us to do.


Because we have the power to do so now … but this won’t last long as the governments of the world have united to work together to coordinate a mass Global Prison State. This mass collective coorperation between heads of states of the worlds nations is unprecedented on all levels.

We NEED leadership … we NEED to storm these man-made non-random, Creative Destructive strategies that is and still rolled out throughout nations of the world. We NEED leadership to be COURAGEOUS …

We NEED ..

To be and FEEL … human, again.

Not tomorrow … for tomorrow, will never come.

Why is this ‘End Times’ being dressed up as Climate Change this time around? And using a young girl with pig-tails … wasn’t this what Dictators like Hitler and Mao did for publicity … use young girls to make them look less violent, less inhumane?

Is the End Times really upon us? Or is it just the same old fear and (now GUILT) that human beings have believed since the beginning of time?

Personally, I refuse to accept any GUILT as a human being.

And you too, should. Firstly, as a christian and strong Catholic, I believe that I will be ‘saved’ as I believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins and so am, forgiven. That is my ultimate salvation because I know that God gave his only begotten son to die and liberate all believers. That is the only guilt I will allow myself to be concerned about.

Stop. Take stock. Be like water. Adapt to the different states of life … and mind.

Is everything happening before our eyes is one that is simply DISTRACTION.

Why do people who experience (Near-Death Experience) NDE or ‘awaken’ start to SEE the world differently?

They don’t JUST LOOK … they open up their minds to more possibilities … and allow other perceptions to enter our minds … to open our minds … our consciousness … to tap into the overall consciousness.

Have you experienced a NDE?

I have.

Not once. Twice.

You’re never ever the same. You never LOOK at life, the same. You don’t just change the way you look at life … you change the way your hear is involved in the way you look at life.

No matter who you put get elected … who you put in Power …

Nothing ever changes. Nothing ever works. There is no alternative legal power in place to help us … change the system. Nothing. Zilch!

Nothing can change … because nothing changes. Even if we were to arrest all the politicians of the world, there is still a grid that encompasses the world that controls each and every one of us. The essence here is this: individually, we don’t have any power at all but if people put aside their superficial differences and come together and GALVANISE into a cohesive force, POSITIVE CHANGE can happen.

What if the answer to change … begins with each and every one of us… that the answer begins in our HEARTS. The world needs many things … three of which is more CARE, more COMPASSION and more TRUST. And to do this … I think, we all NEED to OPEN UP OUR HEARTS.

Have no doubt. Help yourself first. You are more than just YOU… God will meet you half way … he ALWAYS does. All you ahve to do is: BELIEVE.

As Above, so Below.

I love watching Marvel and DC Superhero Movies. I love many things about it – the fight of good vs evil, the triumph of morals over evil, the hope of a better world. I particularly love the concept of Science of a ‘multi-verse’ … where we are living in one of many universes.

These movies bring IMAGINATION TO LIFE … allows us to IMAGINE possibilities … and question whether how we can be sure of anything and everything we have ever been told is true? What if, as these Superhero movies espouse and what certain areas of Science theorise… that the REALITY as we know is one which is entirely Holographic …and we are in a giant experiment?

Have you imagined another level of existence above our level of existence? Have you thought about it hypothetically? Is that what that phrase means – “As Above, So Below”? Hypothetically thinking, is that what a ‘Fractal Reality’ is? Imagine if there was another Reality… that this is what another Reality is? Who really knows what this reality is? Who can come forward and say they definitely know what our Reality as we know, is in fact, the only reality there is?

As Above, So Below.” may be the most profound statement since time began…. if it is shown to be true.

Time will tell.

Thank you

Yours in care, compassion and trust,


What will the future hold in store for us?

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