Student stories

Hundreds of individuals, from teenagers to mums and dads to the middle-aged to the very old (90 year old) have courageously undertaken their tailor-made Educational Courses of Self-Discovery & Development.

Here are but a small sample of the > 84% students who have successfully achieved their original goals or better . Have  a read of what they had to say …

Here’s what a former “A” student had to say after successfully completing her tailor-made Education course and achieving her goals :

Former student/athlete : Edwina Buckley

“… I once likened Paul to Tony Robbins, as he speaks to People’s mindsets. He told me that people give up on themselves because they don’t feel they are worth it.

Paul, helped me by encouraging and strengthening not only my physical body, but my mind. .. to BELIEVE I AM WORTH IT.

I now have so much more confidence …& proved to me that hard work, dedication and consistency pays off.

Paul has helped me believe in the success of his framework and its principles. I have no hesitation in recommending Paul in the areas of Personal Training and Life Coaching .

Paul clearly lives what he preaches in mind & muscle MASTERY achieving phenomenal International Results himself. And what a bonus – his wealth of knowledge is not limited to the gym.

I would train with Paul again, in a heartbeat.”

             – Edwina Buckley, Artist/Designer & Busineswoman

At the start of her Education Program

Winning her trophy 🏆 at her first Bikini Contest in her BEST shape ever.
She not only built muscle but also sculpted a winning physique.
Goal achieved.

On stage experiencing the exhilaration of entertaining the audience & feeling the adrenaline of competition.
Congratulations Edwina!

Edwina exceeded my expectations during the journey to her best but also on the Big Day.

————————— —————- —————-

Here’s a self-funded retiree seeking a better way to live his life – Mr John Chorley:

Before I left Sydney in 2012 to live in Brisbane, I met Paul and sort his help with the aim of losing weight and gaining a higher level of fitness.

Paul arranged for me to enter his 12 week training program and the results were almost immediate.

The knowledge Paul brings to your attention is astounding regarding health and fitness.

During the 12 week program i did two workouts every week, these workouts started to increase my awareness, my fitness and a general enthusiasm to make it part of my daily program which also involved correcting my eating habits.

I will be forever grateful to Paul for changing my life for the better and I can highly recommend Paul’s 12 week training program as it changes lives

Paul is to be congratulated for introducing this program to people who are serious about their health and longevity.

Thank you Paul”

                                – John Chorley (Retired small business owner)

                                – Age: 63

                                – Program undertaken: 12 week (90 day) Body Re-engineering for retirees (baby-boomers).

——————— ——————- ——————-

I have been training for almost 15 years and learnt more in 4 months training with Paul than I have in 15 years. With a program suited to my goals and a change in diet and training I saw more gains than I could ever achieve. Paul has the knowledge and passion for this great sport of body building that I have never come across. Whatever your goals – Valentine Vitality and Paul Valentine will get you there and have FUN doing it.”

                               – Chris Downie, 47

                               – Real Estate Consultant.

47 year old Chris set himself a goal to making the top 3 in his very first contest last year and achieved just that - a 3rd place finish in the MASTERS event. Months of dedication and focus got him the results he was after.

47 year old Chris set himself a goal to making the top 3 in his very first contest last year and achieved just that – a 3rd place finish in the MASTERS event.
Months of dedication and focus got him the results he was after.

——————- ————- ——————-

I originally approached Paul to help me lose weight, strengthen my lower back and prepare me for an extended bushwalk.

It became clear very quickly that Paul really knew what he was doing and I learnt so much more than I expected about diet, how my body builds and retains muscle tone and strength and how to get the most from even a short workout.

I was impressed with Paul’s good humour (even when I was cursing him for pushing me for one more ‘rep’ or “let’s try another 10 kilos”) and the obvious depth of understanding he brings to each workout.

In a very short time, Paul helped me achieve all of my original objectives, we had fun and I have some really useful insights to help me maintain a stronger, healthier body.

Thank you Paul!”

                                  – George Dodds, 54.

                                  – General Manager

————  —————— ——————

I first met Paul Valentine some two years ago as a ‘first timer’ (despite being 58 years old) quite unused to gyms, programs and weights. His quiet competence and friendly professional approach have encouraged me to become a regular attendee.

I have been delighted with my progress and have attained fitness and strength beyond my expectations – I wish I had met Paul many years ago!

Paul inspires confidence and trust and I recommend him to anyone of any age wishing to improve their fitness, strength and well-being.”

                              – Ann G (self-funded retiree)

                              – Program undertaken: 2 x ½ hour gym sessions per week, on-going.

                              – Duration: 5 years.

————- ——————— ——————-

“Paul’s expertise and knowledge in regards to both body transformation and life are second to none. In my first two weeks of training with Paul I had learnt more than in the past three years of my own training. His logical and structured approach to my body transformation was incredibly efficient and effective. Further, Paul’s commitment to assist me with reaching my goals was motivating and made the entire experience rewarding.”

                              – James Allaway, 22

                             – Business/Engineering University Student

                             – Program Undertaken: 5 month semi-

                                                          autonomous program

Duration: 20 weeks 

Feeling the 'essence!' Practise does not make perfect. PERFECT PRACTISE MAKES PERFECT.

Feeling the ‘essence!’
Practise does not make perfect. PERFECT PRACTISE MAKES PERFECT.

————— ———————— —————-

Here’s how Mark has benefited:

Until I trained with Paul Valentine, I had never set foot in a gym in my life. I was not a “sports person” and I work in an office environment. Over time I had suffered with lower back pain, poor muscle tone, I had excess stomach fat and also had symptoms of Type 2 diabetes.

I can’t say that I enjoy going to the gym, but I do value the results that I have achieved over the past 10 years by working out twice a week with Paul. Without a scheduled training session I wouldn’t go! By myself, I wouldn’t know the correct and optimal way to use the gym equipment. Without Paul, I would not make the most effective use of my time when I am at the gym.

The results speak for themselves. I have increased my strength and flexibility. I have no ongoing back pain. Combined with a sensible diet, I have lost fat and developed muscle, while losing around 10 kg. I have never felt more healthy or fit. At 55, I now have the strength and physique of someone 20 years younger.

As Paul says: “Don’t just get fit! Get a physique!”

        – Mark Jamieson, CA

– Entrepreneur/Business Owner

———————-   ————- ———————
Here’s what successful Cafe owner and entrepreneur – Mr AYKUT Sayan had to say about successfully achieving his goals after going through one of Valentine Vitality’s specially designed education courses –

“Valentine Vitality is the only way to transform your body if you want results, with care.”

AYKUT Sayan, 50, Entrepreneur

Before Tailor-made Education Course

After successfully completing his tailor-made course

Before course – “front-double biceps “ pose

After completion of course

Here’s another happy student of my specially-tailored education re-engineering programs :

——— ————————- —————-
Student & sponsored athlete : Vesna Kouzan

Lovely words of appreciation of my former student in a card –

I was very impressed with her Attitude in staying focused on implementing the QUALITY Plan I designed.

At the start of her tailor-made Education Course

At the end of her course
Goal: to compete and place in Top 3 of NSW STATE Figure championships.
She placed: 2nd.
Goal achieved.
An “A” student of mine.

Winning Physique.
She worked very hard in the 8 months leading up to her BEST/peak condition.
Very proud of my student and sponsored athlete.

On stage against the best physiques in her category at that time .

Come see why hundreds of students like these have greatly benefited from one of my programs.

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