WHY WORK WITH Valentine Vitality & Paul Valentine Coaching?

WHY WORK WITH Valentine Vitality & Paul Valentine Coaching?

Simple: the Results speak for themselves.

An independent survey was carried out by US-based consultancy group of all customers helped by Paul over a period of 15 years.

Greater than 84% were very happy with the quality of service and they had achieved their original goals or better.

Paul is one of our generations leading thinkers and pioneers in the understanding of the power of the mind. Being a professional athlete himself, and with a wealth of knowledge in the areas of Sports Psychology, Quantum Physics, Hypnosis and Neurological Programming, Paul will help you to access those higher states of mind, synonymous, with the highest levels of performance in all sports.

Specialising in natural bodybuilding, due to Paul being a professional himself, Paul has worked with professional athletes from a range of other sports, from Rugby Union, Rugby League, to Football, tennis, soccer, golf and even race car driving. You name the sport and level, it’s highly likely that Paul has helped someone over the last 3 decades.

Whatever sport or activity it is, Paul will help you to understand how you can maximise your mental state and access your full potential.

With the right understanding and skills, Paul will help you to understand what ”being in the zone” really is, and how you can begin to focus your mind much more sharply during your performance.

* Learn about the power of attitude and belief…
* Learn to re-train your subconscious mind…
* Reach your full talent and potential…
* Learn what ”the zone” really is…


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