Mind Coaching for Life and Peak Performance


Retired Ex-Australian Wallaby Champion Captain – Phil Waugh.
Setting his own standards of excellence in all areas of his life.
This 90-Day Program (tailored to Phil’s level and goals) suited the ex-Australian Rugby Captain’s busy work and life commitments.
Phil put on approximately 3kg lean mass and reduced his waist-line by 5cm (2 belt holes).
Excellent results for 2 hours a week within the framework.

Mind Coaching for Life and Peak Performance

Valentine Vitality was founded by Paul back in 2006 after many years of research and development.

From a young age, Paul has always been deeply fascinated in the power of the mind, and how it correlates too, and influences our lives.

That fascination has taken him on a long journey of learning and self – growth, and caused him to accumulate a vast knowledge in all areas of mind and psychological coaching, to quantum physics and the nature of reality.

A two-time Top 5 World 🌎 Natural Bodybuilding/Physique Champion himself, Paul understands WHAT IT TAKES to get to the Top of your field.

Paul is now teaching privately with clients and professional athletes from all over the world to help them access and maximise their mind’s potential. With a very simple, very friendly yet, empowering style, Paul believes he can help anyone to start creating the person they want to be.

Teaching privately from his base in Sydney – Australia, Paul is quickly becoming one of our generations leading thinkers and pioneers in the understanding of the power of the mind.

With a passion for writing and developing new ideas, Paul is always focused on learning and taking himself and his coaching, to new and higher levels of awareness.

Paul firmly believes that every human being is a genius and that we all have greatness within us. In his words “let me help you find the diamond within you, let’s dig deep and find that hidden treasure”.

Paul believes that success is not something that only a few can attain, but a result of the right understanding, developing the right daily habits, and an insatiable work ethic.

Stop, Re-charge & get Focused!

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2. Skype/zoom/WhatsApp sessions
3. Phone consults
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