The Story behind my unique frame-work.

Mastering and learning body-mind re-engineering success.

Like so many thousands, even millions of gym goers around the world, why have you been using a pocketknife to chop down the tree of success in body & mind re-programming?

Why have you been given the wrong tools? Why must everyone learn these critical ‘gym’ skills through the ‘school-of hard knocks’ by doing thing that doesn’t work? Or by getting injured along the way.

Why is it that everyone seems to be using a ‘scatter-gun approach’ to their training and body re-shaping approach? That if they just lift weights ‘like this’ or ‘like that’, that somehow, someway, by some slim hope of chance, they will build a muscle-toned physique. A physique like they see on tv or on the magazine front covers or even close to what they imagine themselves to be, without the slightest evaluation of risks they take? 

It is almost like deciding to do a building project, say, build an extension to your house or renovate your existing kitchen or bathroom. Do you think you’ll build successfully by simply getting up, going over to Hardware Store and buying a few timber planks and hammer and nails and then starting your building project and hoping for the best. 

Wishful thinking, don’t you think?

It’s easier if you have an idea (blueprint) that is communicated to an artist (architect/engineer) who then designs the plan and then you start the building project (under the guidance of an experienced builder). Step by calculated step until you have the finished project that would look similar to what was in the plan.

That is how re-engineering your body and your mind should be done but many people don’t think it is necessary. Unlike the building project, however, the human body and mind is ALIVE! The person has to deal and manage not only the planned training but also ups and downs of his feelings, his thoughts and doubts and all the spiritual fluctuations he or she may likely experience. 

No brick or hammer like in a building project ‘talks back to you or doubts you”. However, YOU DO! 

This is why body and mind re-engineering and re-programming NATURALLY (with the assistance of performance-enhancing drugs) is a THOUSAND TIMES MORE DIFFICULT THAN SIMPLY BUILDING A BUILDING. 

Back to my story of how my frame-work came in to existence …. 

In the early stages of my enlightened passion and desire for muscles I desperately wanted to understand more about the meaning of life. I saw each day as the continuous tick-tocking of the 86,400seconds flowing in the next. 

But I realised early that even though we are brought up to respect and optimize our use of time and master ‘time-management’, I came to the realisation that life was not only about ‘time management’. 

No, time management was important but was second to another ever-present phenomena: ENERGY. I concluded in my late teens that Life was about Energy Management. And if I was to understand myself better and learn more about muscle and the body-mind-spirit connection, I need to understand Energy better and improve my mastering of this concept of Energy Management. 

My goal then and still now is to: master the concept of energy management.  I concluded that I could get better at managing energy in all forms within me. 

I could manage the energy within me (mind-body-heart-soul) and I could do this by understanding the link between the mind, body, heart and soul. 

one of my many quirks – my penchant for never sacrificing form over weight in the gym
& practising safe exercise technique all the time. Not some of the time.


My fascination with muscle (in all its forms) grew immensely as I saw this as the link to the other 3 parts of me (via the nervous system). Muscle was a sub-set of the human body. The human body needed energy to function optimally and so did muscles. I would learn and work to understanding how I could allow by body to become a better performing machine. It already was a magnificent machine and I needed to ‘work with it more efficiently and effectively. 

I would build and preserve my muscles as best as I could. Not only for my youth but mainly for my old age. I saw it as a form of preventative insurance. I saw it similar to superannuation – investing time in the current time for the future.

I believed that just like superannuation, the magic of weight-training is that the compound effect is like the power of compound interest in your superannuation. 

As a teenager, I realized that muscle is critical to My future QUALITY OF LIFE, just like adequate financial savings is important too. One of my life goals was to help people, help themselves be more aware of this fact. In additionto this, people should be aware of theunder-stated benefits it provides to individuals in the short-term and in the long-term. That working your muscles now is an investment for you future if you make it part of your life.

If I was going to enjoy a bit of travelling in my retirement then I had better make sure that I had sufficient skeleton muscle to allow ease of mobility. And, have no problems carrying around my luggage. 

[Side story: I have listened to thousands of people of all ages over the last two decades tell a little bit about THEIR STORY. I had a wonderful opportunity to meet and listen to many people in the midst of their second half of their lives when I owned and managed my own gym for 7 years. I remember speaking to a man called Jeffery who was a retired Assistant Police Commissioner. The one thing he regrets was not being more encouraging towards motivating his wife to maintain weight-training as much as he did. What he found in old age (he was in his 70s) was that his investment in muscles and strength-training since his late 30s has helped him enjoy a lot more of the activities in his retirement years. He cannot say the same for his wife]. 

…So, I read every book on the subject that I could get my hands on since that fateful day when I was 18. I attended countless body-building shows and watched tonnes of vhs tapes (in the 90s) on muscle men and women, the most famous of which was Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

I read thousands of studies on human behaviour, science journals and social psychology too. I was and still am a book-worm, still devouring information. Still learning. 

I listened to every audio and tv recording that I could get my hands on. I gleaned lots of great information but found that something was still missing. All the programs, books and people touched on great ideas but I couldn’t find a source that ‘tied everything together’ – the mind, body, spirit and heart!

Frustrated, I decided to formulate my own program and the only way I was going to do this was to experience all the different types of training methods and principles there was out there. And make note of the differences and similarities and compared and contrasted the BEST OF THE BEST.

This all took time. My time. But I loved every minute of it because I knew that one day I would use what I have deduced and found to help people. To help ALL THE UNDER-DOGS!

So, that is exactly what I did over the last (almost 3 decades now). I have experimentally:

  •  tried countless types of training programs and deduced what ‘worked’ and what ‘didn’t; 
  •  competed in many regional, state, national and International Natural Bodybuilding Competitions.
  •  did countless diet formats (a lot of current fads are just re-hashes of old diets, just with a different name and guy/girl in a white lab jacket); 
  •  followed many different strategies to muscle building and body & mind re-engineering;
  •  endured many ‘old school’ training techniques (some of which I know works and I still adopt today);
  •  witnessed innumerable bad practises in the gym by amateurs and so-called professionals alike;
  •  Read thousands of muscle magazines, science journals etc (and I keep up to date and in the fore-front of scientific research);
  •  started my business as a group instructor while I was still doing my first under-grad degree to find out what was working; 
  •  I spoke to thousands of enthusiasts (mostly women of all ages and top elite athlete) and got as much feedback as I could regarding their training methods and it’s alignment with their goals;
  •  Spoke to (and helped a number of) professional athletes (in may sports) to find out what makes them tick and what works for them; 

I was overflowing with my own research results (a little unscientific as it was done in the gym environment over two decades). I was originally a Science student so my skills with lab work came in handy with my observations I made in they gym (my lab). 

With my own powers of reasoning and deductions from observable trends produced and seen in the human body – and learning off my own experiences and other people’s experiences, I deduced ‘what worked’ and ‘what did not’

But my main impetus or driving force for this search was because there was not one program that fully integrated the mind-body-heart and soul out there.I felt that there was nothing that ‘tied everything together’

I learned one thing: THE HUMAN BODY DOES NOT LIE!

True? Neuroscience is still at the level of where medicine was in the 1700s
A long way to fully understand who we are…. Who “I AM.”

Tying everything together

I did this by creating my “3-legged stool” framework to body/mind re-engineering. 

Almost 3 decades of study, practise, experience and reflection has allowed me to filter out everything that is IRRELEVANT.

I have simplified the complex and created my framework. I AMPLIFY the KEY things to WORK ON, so in effect, I SIMPLIFY TO AMPLIFY … and my framework is:

  • Easy to understand
  • Easy to apply 
  • Easy to use

My framework adopted by my various programs on offer has nothing of its equal on the market or safe to say – in the world!

A program that ‘ties everything together – NATURALLY!’ (which was my primary disappointment with what was out there since I fell in love with muscle and everything about it and the human body). 

Currently, you can get on the internet and be bombarded with so much conflicting information that you can feel a little overwhelmed. You will find so much information – so many ways to ‘skin the cat’ so to speak, but nothing that even came close to ‘tying everything together’

Tieing the mind – body – heart and soul together.

We now have my framework, applied through the various programs I run that

  • that has already helped hundreds of people – men and women successfully achieve their potential, with safety and care being paramount.
  • Has helped every under-dog out there WIN. 
  • Is designed to help ALL UNDERDOGS win against the little, silent battles that each under-dog painfully battles internally every day. Battles primarily between desire, belief and potential.
  • Releases the CHAMPION that rests within each individual – each underdog!
  • Help anyone who has tried almost everything ‘out there’ and FAILED. Experience SUCCESS with my product;
  • Help those who physios and chiros fail to fix

And why would this work for you? 

Why am I jeering this program on for the under-dog?

Because I have helped hundreds of under-dogs just like you achieve their BEST – achieve their potential. 

I was and still am an under-dog in many ways. I have proven many people wrong for as long as I can remember – for saying I couldn’t achieve something or doubting my abilities (in the sporting arena or the school classrooms or life in general). 

I have risen to the challenge every-time and ALMOST ALWAYS WON (inside and outside of the classroom)!

I have to admit it is one of the greatest pleasures in life – and that is TO PROVE PEOPLE/DOUBTERS WRONG! Only TRUE UNDER-DOGS truly feel this.

Well, my framework adopted in all my programs WILL DO JUST THAT!

It will help you help yourself and give you the tools to PROVE PEOPLE/DOUBTERS WRONG about your ability to achieve your goals. If you’ve tried everything and have failed, don’t despair. This is the one program where you will almost NEVER FAIL if you follow critical components religiously and unwaveringly in belief.

The framework has helped me and hundreds of students. 

It has helped me stand on stage against the best natural bodybuilders in the world in less than 2 years when people doubted I could. I represented Australia twice and made the FINALS in both (Top 5) NATURAL Bodybuilders/Physique Artists in the world two years in a row.

I proved by applying principles of my unique framework, you allow yourself to WORK WITH YOUR BODY and NOT AGAINST YOUR BODY … like the majority of people do around the world.

I have proved that you can build a WORLD CLASS PHYSIQUE without the use of drugs, steroids and performance enhancing drugs that is readily available on the market.

Let me show you how to not only get fit and healthy but also BUILD A PHYSIQUE.

And learn the tools that you can apply to sustain the great physique and life-style that through the correct deliberate practise of certain habits in to your future. 

Since I developed this over 25 years ago, hundreds of mums, dads, teenagers and retirees of both sexes have successfully gone through my various programs.

With over 80% success rate in achieving or exceeding original goals for participants over the last 15 years. So, you may be thinking –

“Paul, will this WORK for me?”

And I will say –

“If you’re not an amphibian with a tail growing out of your back-side … and you’re a human being, it WILL WORK FOR YOU!”

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Building a World Class Natural Physique takes patience and deliberate practise of key daily habits.

I am a storyteller educator – 


With my program, I will help you, help yourself:

  1. Look physically BETTER.
  2. Feel emotionally BETTER.
  3. Feel spiritually BETTER.

I do this by having coaching conversations with my apprentices, infused with storytelling muscle nuggets of information for the progressive development of the apprentice/student.

What talents, traits, characteristics and mind-sets do top natural bodybuilders possess? How can an average man or woman (the under-dog) training in the gym become a better bodybuilder?

One way is: to train SMARTER!

I can help show you:

  1. How much time you have lost with your inability to train efficiently and effectively in the gym?
  • How to GET THE MOST OUT OF your limited time in the gym (no matter how little time you have)? How to make your workouts – efficient, effective and safe – ALWAYS.
  • How to minimise the risks of injury ( I have not seen a physio or chiro since I started training 23 years ago because of a weight-related injury)

Cracking the muscle-building code:

Based on almost 3 decades of training in the gym and actual passion and study of research and experience in the field, I have put together something that WORKS.

My “3-legged stool” framework has cracked the muscle code.

Let me show you how:

  1. My findings over the years will outfit you with the essential skills, mind-set and habits that you need to give you sustaining muscle growth, retention and longevity and be your best.
  2. The intelligence gathering, conceptual organizing and explaining are all done for you ( I have filtered out all the crap and conflicting information in the crazy Information Highway, out there).
  • It is one of the most comprehensive resource available today (made SIMPLE) on muscle building with ‘balance and proportion/symmetry’ in mind;
  • My research has found that most trainees use 3 or 4 training techniques over and over again (sometimes for over 30 years) with no progression towards their actual goals.
  • What a waste of time – did you know that there are over 100 muscle building techniques readily available, right at your finger-tips? Not all of them would even make my top 20.
  • If you look at gym training as a piano, then most people are only use a few piano keys and playing chopsticks, when they could use all the keys and play Mozart.

Key to overcoming this problem (point 6 above): is to have a little humility and knowing that … understanding and accepting that yesterday’s training no longer applies in today’s fast-paced, educated cynical environment is the first step to mastering muscle building.

Instead of thinking about the techniques and strategies of training, think of the goals of: balance and symmetry. Think about transforming yourself in to a naturally thinking bodybuilder.

For most people, gym training is not innate. Just like public speaking, it is a learned skill.

REMEMBER THIS: If you don’t understand yourself, you don’t TRULY understand anybody else!

Weight-training skill no. 1 (of 10): Mental programming of Top Body-builders.

My unique HIGH-PERFORMANCE/ATHLETE programs highlight to you – 

  • The psychological edge gained by top DRUG-FREE competitors (this cannot be overemphasised);
  • Questions like:
  • How do great bodybuilders prepare their minds for success
    • What is their mental process before, during and after the bodybuilding/competition/training cycle?
    • This mental aspect is one of the most important and usually neglected parts of success;
  • Almost everyone wants to accomplish their dreams – but why don’t we DO THEM?

Let me show you:

  1. Why do we fall short of our dreams and our aspirations?
  • Writing down your goals coupled with a strong desire to reach them won’t automatically bring success if you overlook this one vital detail: ??
  • We are told all the time to be positive but that this IS NOT ENOUGH for success;
  • How we are told to change THAT ATTITUDE; to have GOOD OUTLOOK but that THIS IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!
  • Show you what gives the CHAMPIONS that psychological edge.

REMEMBER: We are always thinking and processing information and our thoughts either propel us to our goals or drive us away from our dreams. 

Let me help you Identify your feelings and where they are taking you. Let me teach you how to handle those feelings, thoughts and emotions on your own. 

Let me show you how not to bury them


Let me show you how to be your BEST.

Allow me to liberate the ‘champion’ within you.

Allow me to bring forward your voice – the voice of the underdog.

Let me help you be seen … be heard … be thought of …. In a different light…. In a more favourable light. Let me help you take a stand … your stand. 

It’s your time to SHINE!