Lifestyle & Life Coaching Services

Whether you’re a world class athlete like former Australia Rugby Union Captain corporate board member, Phil Waugh or A mum or dad or teenager or student … learning the skills necessary to take control of your thoughts and feelings … is a vital skill to reaching your potential.

Life & Lifestyle Coaching Sessions
Life & Lifestyle Coaching – tailored Sessions

Each session is designed to help you achieve your goal, in an efficient, effective & safe manner.
Each session also comes with a …FREE Unique Lifetime Support Guarantee.

During the session

Paul will ask you a few questions about your situation & goal. He will then share with you, a new way for you to approach the topic. ( your unique situation & goal ).

He’ll then share with you, some little known, but key factors that effect long lasting behavioural change.  These are the secret tips, that you really need to know, and can make all the difference to the results you’ll achieve.

He’ll then explain the method adopted and tailored to you while also dispelling any concerns or fears you may have, so that you’re feeling comfortable & safe, and then …

Valentine Vitality time!  you’ll find it to be a very relaxing & enjoyable experience .

( Approx. session time is 50 Minutes ) . Efficient . Effective. Safe! ALWAYS. 

Note: Paul Valentine’s Life & Lifestyle Coaching Sessions are unique, and results driven, they are not just a ‘standard’ therapy / NLP consultation.

Paul is a qualified & very experienced wellness health professional.

Session Options
• 1 to 1 sessions
$300.00 ( price excludes GST )

• 2 people per session
$250.00 p.p. ( price excludes GST )
• 3 people per session
$200.00 p.p.  ( price excludes GST )

Small groups and or Seminars   per enquiry

Customised corporate Workshops/sessions  per enquiry

Skype/Zoom/WhatsApp sessions
$250.00 ( price excludes GST )

Phone & or Email Coaching  per enquiry

Session Topics/

*BELIEVE in yourself again      *Weight Loss        *Stop Gambling        *Stop or Control Alcohol        *Stress management    *Anxiety      * Take back control of your mind        *Nail Biting        *Study & recall      *Improve sleep      *Clear Depression       *Golf   *Sports Performance      *Public Speaking        *Goal Setting *Goal Achievement      *Improve self Confidence      *Stop Procrastination

For further enquiries regarding office locations and session availability, contact Valentine Vitality on 0410 002 981.  Or send me your details and questions and I’ll get back to you –