Paul Valentine Personal Training Division

Statement of Guarantee

I guarantee that you can and will lose your desired weight and keep it off on 1 condition:

Become increasingly AWARE of KEY ELEMENTS of my unique framework to ‘whole-self’ transformation, through the adoption of sufficient and appropriate ACTIONS, specifically designed to achieve your BEST (peak performance), to seek continuous ADAPTATION towards the person (man, woman or child) you IMAGINE YOURSELF TO BE.

[Adopt my “Triple A Approach to Life and Whole – self development” philosophy within my “3-Legged Stool” framework]

This is split up in to 5 parts:

  1. You BELIEVE with no ounce of doubt in the PROGRAM and YOU.
  2. You deliberately practise the structure of thinking adopted within my framework that form your ‘currency of thoughts’ – daily.
  3. You stick to the personalized physical programme prepared for you.
  4. You maintain the specific meal plan for the mind, heart, mind and spirit designed specifically for the BEST YOU.
  5. You adopt an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE every day!


Lend me your body, heart, mind and spirit (the WHOLE – ‘YOU’) for the next 12 weeks (only 90 days) and close that ‘gap’ between what you see in the mirror every day and the person you ‘imagine yourself to be’.

Allow me to show you how you can achieve the BEST YOU.


Here are a few comments from very happy students of mine –

Fatigue disappeared completely

“My symptoms of fatigue disappeared completely and I have an abundance of energy.  I don’t need my afternoon nap anymore! 

Michelle T (mother of two young kids, searching for the ‘strength’)

Program undertaken: on-going Vitality Infusion Program (2 x 1/2 hour per week) over 2 years


A full on non-stop training for one hour”

Gary M (Large-scale Senior Project Engineer Manager)
Age: 51.

Program undertaken: 90 Day Body Re-engineering (2 x contact hours per week for 12 weeks)

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