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What is PURPOSE to you?

Embrace Love. BE Loving. BE, Love.


For some, life can feel empty if they don’t find or grasp a higher calling… a “purpose” in life. These are the people who seek for answers in all kinds of places, some of which would be less than ideal.

Here is the thing about these types: They know they are looking for something, but they don’t really know what it is. Almost like a headless chook.

They have lost their zest for life … that essence of life, I call Vitality.

To me, purpose gives the Individual, hope … the strength to continue past obstacles and unexpected changes we face every day. In some views of life, hope is all we really have.

To find Purpose, I believe one has to find it WITHIN… but get inspiration, EXTERNALLY, from others.

Everyone looks to better themselves & strive to live a BETTER LIFE. Most think that to do this, they need to only acquire more VALUABLES.

Stop ✋!

Change your viewpoint: life should not be about acquiring more Valuables, instead, should be about making yourself more VALUABLE. We are alive on this planet to primarily, GIVE or express ourselves through sharing, in some creative outlet.

Believe in love 😍. Give love. Receive love. Do all thoughts & actions with love.

For me, it is GOD.

Success, like happiness, cannot me pursued. Release all desires to achieve success as a self-promoting goal/target. This route, taken by many will not give you the opportunity to live a FULL LIFE. It won’t bring you full success.

Success, true success, in any field, only comes through the pursuit of something greater than you … an ideal… a standard that allows you to surrender to a higher power.

For me, it is GOD.

Life’s purpose does not require intense cognitive power. It is not something that you can THINK your way to discovering. Thinking leads to overthinking, which is what many in this left-brain dominated modern societies celebrate – should I try this? What if it turns to failure? Would this work? What if it does not bring income? and leads to non-action or procrastination.

From my experience, I can gracefully admit and share that there is NO “ONE WAY” … THE WAY for me was not Found by simply looking for it… but by DOING IT… by LIVING what I LOVE TO DO.

We all have a light that helps us see as we journey through the paths we choose in life. My light is God. What is yours?

This Diamond called CLARITY.

Success, in life (& any pursuit in life) comes to those who face their fears and TRY NEW THINGS… without being glued to the end result. What you get, then, is something that is a KEY foundation stone to your building of success: CLARITY.

If is only when you take on the role of the VIKING or PIRATE 🏴‍☠️ in you, that you sail out to EXPLORE uncharted seas. It is through exploration that you discover this gem … this diamond called CLARITY.

Results come only with repeated ACTIONS, done with sufficiency and appropriateness. Wondering and dwelling on what to do and not actually “doing”, pushes you even further away from reaching your ultimate purpose in life.

In finding my path, for example, I stopped watching tv many, many years ago. And as modes of communication increased, I taught myself to block more of these modes out. Just as I manage what I eat for my body for optimal physique conditions, I manage input into my brain.

I simply began, being more LOVING.

Beginning with me, myself snd i snd the Holy Trinity within me : the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit. I did and tried everything – fine-line sketching, body sculpting, writing poetry, writing books, photography, blogging, podcasting & public speaking…

I even tried doing NOTHING…. Snd appreciating the emptiness of nothing…. Ams trying to create SOMETHING FROM NOTHING.

I learned and discovered my TRUE PASSION and that is … speaking and sharing NUGGETS OF VITALITY.

There is now CLARITY, where confusion existed. There is PURPOSE where once was WONDERING and over-thinking.

The WAY to find your purpose is NO WAY. It all comes down to energy .. to that life source … to Vitality, the “essence of life”. The source for this brave discovery you intend to make is from the whispering of your heart.

You will experience more joy .. snd more inspiration when you listen to and follow the guidance of your heart. Here’s the challenge: you need to not only listen, but listen, WELL.

Energy is your fuel and you can find this energy to live … to live out your dream 😴 with purpose and meaning. The next step is to explore creative and new ways of expressing and sharing this energy of creativity that comes from within.

My fridge magnet. Have courage. Continue to fuel your courage … every single day of your life.

Embracing Passionate Living.

I’ve helped hundreds … no, thousands of individuals for close to 30 years now, many of these people the top of their fields … very successful in their own right.

But, I have noticed that sometimes, at the top of their success wave, some of these individuals acted and felt as if there was still something missing in their lives.

I heard many reasons why they felt that way. I strongly felt (for some of them), that they were feeling that way because they were trying to stay with the one thing they thought they were meant to be doing.

I felt that this way of thinking 🤔 was a self-imposed ceiling … a self-limiting belief … that blocked their journey towards reaching their full potential.

I don’t just consider myself – an enthusiastic World-Class Problem Solver or a 2 x World Natural Physique Champion … I actually wear many hats and play many roles … so apart from being a husband of 20 + Years and father to two kids …. I create.

I love creating through many mediums of expression: I actually create in multi-media, I sculpt, I design, I write (blogs & poetry & books), I coach, I conduct virtual talks & seminars, I design & create my podcast, I fine-line sketch, I educate and share “coaching conversations”, I dance & I do martial arts 🥋, and share NUGGETS OF VITALITY … but most of all …

I continue to DREAM 😴… and fuel my IMAGINATION. My goal is always to not only continue to imagine, but to IMAGINE, BETTER.

All of these constant daily activities brings me joy and helps express my PASSION FOR CREATING.

Here’s a little secret to living a BETTER LIFE: consider learning to and embracing PASSIONATE LIVING. Work towards doing what you truly enjoy doing and this, I believe, will guide your path towards finding Purpose.

Sometimes, you need to simply jump in and giving things a try. Sometimes, we just need to shoot before we take aim. Sometimes, picturing yourself after having “giving it a go”‘and thinking or saying our loud –

“Just DID IT!”

Would bring you an amazing sense of satisfaction. It is the DOING and the courage required & summoned that is the way to overcome the feeling that you are missing out on life.

Not a nice feeling at all.

One of my Top Students to have not only achieved and exceed her initial goals but has gone on to share and guide others with the education she learned from me & my programs.

Be more like a VIKING/Pirate.

There are endless opportunities in life and is only limited by your imagination.

And through this discovery, through this courageous Viking/Pirate adventure, you will also realise that it is a JOURNEY TO LOVE 💕. It is this journey that is the process of becoming increased AWARENESS , to fully be AWARE of this flow of the essence of Life .. of this Vitality … this Energy from your heart.

Here’s my tip: BE MORE LIKE A VIKING and/or PIRATE 🏴‍☠️.

This energy … you won’t see it … and it is not something that is tangible as what you can taste, smell, weigh …

It is more something that you FEEL… that comes from within … something INTANGIBLE.

Be awake when that message comes.

All the very best in being more like a Pirate & Viking… as you sail and Captain your ship through the changing seas of life.

Cheers & ahoy!

The old cap’n Viking Pirate 🏴‍☠️ muscled monk

Find the Viking… or Pirate in you. It is there, embrace it and … sail your ship towards your purpose.
a better life, action, adaptation, awareness, Energy

The world needs more insanity.

Here, Chris is enhancing his 'mind-muscle connection' (posing). This helps close the 'gap' between how he sees himself in the mirror and how he imagines himself to be. He dreamed it and then achieved it.

Here, Chris is enhancing his ‘mind-muscle connection’ (posing). This helps close the ‘gap’ between how he sees himself in the mirror and how he imagines himself to be.
He dreamed it and then achieved it.

Feeling to think, not thinking to feel

You may be a little shocked at such a subject heading and fair enough.

Stick with me now …. Firstly, lets attempt to define the term ‘sanity’. How would we define insanity? Possible description could be ‘that which is not sane’. So, my next question is how would you define sanity?

Do you believe that the world needs more sanity or insanity?

I believe the world needs more of the latter. Some would argue that the world is already insane and that we don’t need anymore. My question is what contributed to what got us here in the first place?

As I see it, the ugliness in the world today is the compounding effect of sane/logical thinking over the ages resulting from the brain-washing belief that everyone thought of themselves as thinking creatures that feel.

This is where the root of the problem is – because biologically we are feeling creatures that think, not the other way around!

So, if we are the latter, then most of our thoughts, actions and behaviour will be heavily influenced by the hormones running havoc within our body to make us feel a certain way. Modern neuroscience confirms this in brain scans. I have always believed that, contrary to what most of you think, you are not in control of yourself as you think you are. 

Let’s be honest, can you really stay in control of yourself when you’re in the heat of sex with your lover/partner/husband/wife? When you’re flushed with all those sexual hormones, you simply cannot do anything about it … you just have to let it ‘run its course’. That is an obvious example of why I say that those tiny little micro-scopic elements of our body – the hormones are ultimately in control of everything we think and do.

Scary thought isn’t it?

Beauty is Truth, truth – beauty. That is all there is on earth ..and all ye need to know.
Be aware of the beauty with and around you.
Don’t just look, ‘see’

One of the things that keeps people feeling sane is the illusion that they are ‘in control’ of themselves and their destiny in life. Certainly a comforting thought. To know that they are not is one of the scariest things for a human to ponder and could drive one insane.

Trust is key

One of the keys to feel your way through something is to ‘trust’.

But trust seems to be in short supply in today’s increasingly interrupted world. One of the key reasons I believe the world needs more insanity is because every one of us (you included)  experience insanity (intermittently) every single day. This is a strength, not a weakness. Let me explain….

And how do we do that (experience intermittent insanity)?” you may be thinking.

Well, every time we sleep and we ‘dream’, we technically experience intermittent insanity. Do you dream? Do you struggle to remember your dreams when you awake from your slumber? I know I do.

Everyone needs a little help, a little guidance, a few wise words of encouragement at critical points in our paths through life. With a quality plan + quality implementation (mentor/coach), you can achieve the results that you seek with a little

Everyone needs a little help, a little guidance, a few wise words of encouragement at critical points in our paths through life.
With a quality plan + quality implementation (mentor/coach), you can achieve the results that you seek with a little push like I appear to be doing here with Brad.

To dream is to experience temporary insanity

It would seem that to dream is to experience living in a fantasy world. However, in this world, things happen, emotions are felt, actions are carried out, people are present, with all the waking sensations coming and going.

So if you sleep, then it is highly likely that you dream (even though you don’t recall most of them). And if you dream, then you at several points in your sleep – you experience a temporary and intermittent form of insanity!

So, it follows that to dream is to be insane.

This is exactly what the world needs more than ever. The world needs more dreamers. Someone had to dream up the Opera House before it was built. Someone had to dream up the Empire State Building or the Sydney Harbour Bridge before it was built.

The world needs more dreamers …. More insane people.

Imagination and dreaming is key

The world needs dreamers to develop new creations, innovate new ways of doing things, inspire new technologies to help make the world a better place to live in. The world needs more people who are insane and comfortable being insane.

People need to be comfortable in their uniqueness, in the difference they bring to the world. People need to appreciate their uniqueness and celebrate it, instead of just trying ‘to be the same as everyone else’.

I couldn’t think of anything worse than that.

These individuals (including you) are not striving to ‘being different’ but instead are comfortable with ‘creating a difference’ in the world, one person at a time.

One of my many quirks …. my alter-ego: the old Captain Viking Pirate Muscle Monk

It is the dreamers, the person’s that experienced and remembered those ‘moments of insanity (dreams)’ that bring about change. The real geniuses of change started out by ‘feeling’ the real pain others’ were feeling every day in whatever area of life.

These dreaming change agents, dreaming of a better world bring about change. Positive change.

We need dreamers to offer new perspective on familiar challenges. We need dreamers to take the world we all know and create chaos and turn it around so that we (the world) can view it from a strange but strangely enlightening angle.

The world needs to learn to embrace the ideas that flow from these dreamers because they may be profound, because they are novel, because they may be clarifying, because they are contrary and because they may be outright bizarre. For all these chaotic reasons and more, dreamers will provide the jolts of energy that the world needs to move forward to a better place.

People do not want a world that is different. No, people want something to be able to create a difference. A positive difference. This is what dreamers, what all the intermittent insanity sufferers can offer.

The world needs more insanity, more dreamers to provide hope that each and every individual has the courage to create a difference. To create change. To be empowered.

One life at a time.

Ex-Australian Wallaby Rugby Captain achieving his transformation goals under my watchful eyes. Using my framework, the product was tailored and customized to him. There is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to body re-engineering.

Ex-Australian Wallaby Rugby Captain achieving his transformation goals under my watchful eyes.
Using my framework, the product was tailored and customized to him.
There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to body re-engineering.

Keep dreaming, I say. Never stop dreaming and never stop believing in yourself.

Be comfortable being uncomfortable

On a personal level, everyone I have ever helped in the gym over the last twenty years who have successfully achieved desired results actually set goals for themselves and had clear pictures of how they imagined themselves to be. By setting goals, they have dreamed and believed in their dream (goals).

As I push them ever so gently beyond their perceived limitations in their programs, I remind them that to produce their best, to bring out their best, they’ve got to learn to be ‘comfortable being uncomfortable’. Not forever, no, just for a specific point in time for their overall goal achievement.

What is a goal anyway? It can be said to be a ‘dream with a deadline!”

There is enough evidence over time that the breaks go to the people with dreams. The breaks go to those who are a little insane (to dream). To get your ‘break’ in whatever area in your life, you need to dream, you need to set specific goals.

It is like magic because somehow, it seems, in my experience the dream itself provides the motivation and the means for its own accomplishment.

Get sufficient daily sleep and rest for the mind, body and spirit as this is key for recovery and functioning optimally. In doing so, embrace those intermittent moments of insanity (dreams) and try to harness them. Who knows, you could be the creator of a tool that may serve and help the citizens of the world become a better place.

I know, I get most of my life-changing ideas and thoughts communicated to me in my dreams, in my enhanced communication with consciousness.

Continuously helping you become the best you can be … BEGIN help by helping yourself.
Reach out and touch someone … be the light for someone who can only see darkness.
Help them see ‘beauty’ .. see their truth.
Help them manage their insanity with sanity … their chaos with order.

So, allow yourself to be insane every now and then. I think it is healthy and I think the world needs more insanity. I believe the power rests within each and every human being as each and every one of you have talents that are just waiting to be uncovered.

Open that door to possibilities, your possibilities … through dreams. As someone once said, if you can’t dream it, you can’t achieve it!

It is through controlled chaos, that we evolve and achieve a new state of equilibrium – individually and collectively, a new order.


Until next time,

Side Triceps. Australian Natural Bodybuilding Championships. 2nd in Australia. "Quality Plan + Quality Implementation = Quality Results.

Side Triceps.
Australian Natural Bodybuilding Championships.
2nd in Australia.
“Quality Plan + Quality Implementation = Quality Results.

Champions practise a lot of visualisation and simulation.
To create magic, you need to fuse the worlds of sanity (where you are) with insanity (where you dream/imagine you are, before you are).
That is difficult.
That is one of the key keys.
Don’t stop. Trying. Believing.
Keep on … keeping on. You’ll get there. Everyone always does.
Especially, if you do it with your heart. and ….
with LOVE.