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Here’s Why we should REACT snd question “PROGRESS “

No one can play “you” better than – YOU. Be, You.


All human behaviour is fundamentally, REACTIONARY.

We are ALWAYS Reacting to something or someone. Many businesses thrive on this Reaction and the predictive futures of this reaction.

We stop reacting when we are dead. Have you observed people who have “stopped”. They’re like walking zombies … they effectively live like they were dead!

Not healthy. Not recommended.

So, I believe ALL human thinking is, in a way, reactionary.

And we, as individuals, as communities, as nations … have to react to accepted ideas propagated by those who control communication platforms.

A yellow door maybe? Perhaps you like the colour yellow. What is your colour blind?


Here’s one accepted idea: PROGRESS.

What does that mean?

You hear it regularly thrown about by large corporations as they exploit the resources of developing and poorer nations. As they force archaic working policies on our fellow civil citizens. And their request: that we just stand by idly and accept.

Without a voice. Without a reaction.

Progress in technology … progress in pollution… progress in pornography … progress in freedom of speech… progress in behaviour … and so forth… are not All that good.

And why?

Well, because the HUMAN NATURE does not change. The term “progress” is a human invention. There is no evolution in the human character and … in the human mind. Human Relationships still take time to form.

Does that mean that you need to stop the change?


Change, in itself, is not necessarily good. Just like stability. Change can be good or bad, just like stability can be good or bad.

It is a question of QUALITY.

Everything in our lives … our human life … every problem is a question of Quality and not quantity.

And yet, the progress has technology and importance of numbers and logic is of paramount importance. This is a very distorted approach to viewing progress as it primarily uses a very deductive and logical framework. At the expense of intuition, of matters of the heart. Of feelings.

All for the sake of Progress.

As part of a healthy inclusive discussion, we should be encouraged to listen to all sides of anything or anyone claiming that something should be adopted.

The pros and cons of the idea or creation or technology should be debated and “thrashed out” before it is implemented.

This should be a normal part of any healthy discussion.

Let’s look at one example:

Where is your “Hulk?” The Hulk is very reactionary and he expresses his ANGER in a very destructive way.


What is Anger?

Anger is just that – anger.

Our society frowns at anger.

Anyone that displays and outward

Expression of what could be seen as

Anger, is frowned upon.

They’re asked to take “Anger Management”


But, anger is no different to any other of the

Multitude of emotions that we all feel

From time-to-time.

It is the “other side of a two-sides coin”

Anger, is simply, Anger.

It is a Reaction.

A reaction to something or someone who

Throws you off balance

It is a reaction… just like I said earlier that

All human behaviour is reactionary.

Anger is a reaction.

Is it seen as pro-progress if we suppressed


Should we?

Would it not be more beneficial for each of

Us to question and react to whatever it is

That is “rubbing you the wrong way”

Under the disguise of “progress?”

Anger, is simply, Anger.

It isn’t good. It isn’t bad.

It just is.

It is as reactionary as any other human behaviour.

What you do with it is what matters.

It’s like anything else.

You can use it to build or to destroy.

You just have to make the choice.”

But do you really have a choice?

Anger can be expressed positively and negatively.

Positive anger is also termed “Constructive anger,” Also known as passion.

People with passion is reverred.

Throughout history…

Passion has overthrown tyrants and freed prisoners and slaves.

Passion has brought justice where there was injustice.

Passion has brought kindness & care where there was savagery.

Passion has created freedom where there was nothing but fear.

Passion has helped souls rise from the ashes of their horrible lives and build something better, stronger, more beautiful.

Passion is that fire 🔥 that grows into lasting

Hope and faith that there will be a

… better tomorrow.

So… it is what we choose to do with that inner fire 🔥 is what matters

And …

We should not be afraid to express it …

So as to react to and question all ideas that sprouts “progress “ as their mantra.

Not everything that says is contributing to “progress” is necessarily good for you.

We should all be wary about just accepting all the benefits espoused by new technology and not sitting down to discuss the limitations or risks in the short & long-term.

Thank you

Until next time,

My idol.

a better life, ageing, attitude, awareness, change, change management, Energy, game of life, life, mid-life crisis, needs, perseverance, relationships

Mid-life Crisis.



One of the wisest men I have ever been mentored by, my good friend – Dave ( a fellowship member of Menza) told me once that “Nothing Changes but form.”

Do people change. Of course they do. But, change according to what? And … what is your perception of change?

Got me thinking.

What is a “worthwhile sacrifice?”

A four year undergraduate degree at a prestigious university? An apprenticeship with a famous chef? Sweeping the floors of a multi-national conglomerate just to “get in?” All these sacrifices and those like these change the person – some for the good and some for the bad.

If you’re in a relationship, like I am – in a relationship with this woman for 19 years now. It sounds like a lot but it is nothing compared to her grandparents who lived to their 90s and were such beautiful people.

Time (& space), as Einstein said is relative. So, basically, nineteen years, in the whole scope of the time spectrum, is put simply – nothing!

So, what do you do with marriages that go through periods where there is ‘rough seas’ as they co-captain their ship through the ‘sea of life?’ I know for a fact that over the years, I have carried my wife (& was the stronger one) and in other times (like the whole of last year), she was the STRONG ONE & carried the weaker one – me.

Sailing through the sea of life, will inevitably produce tough times, it’s just foolish to think that you won’t encounter bad weather & monstrous waves in the depths of the sea of life. Foolish.

It is in times of trouble that, you just hang on to each other, because it is easy – very easy to lose one another. You need to go ‘above and beyond’ your call of duty in seeing that the weaker partner gets through that rough period ok. Everyone responds differently to unexpected rough weather & no one is immune to it.

Change is a certainty in life. Life is about change, if you’re not changing, you’re not living. But the rate of change differs between individuals. I think it was the great science thinker – Stephen Hawkins – that said “intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.’ I agree.

The woman and man need to adapt to the changing stimulus (phase of life) because it is in the process of adaptation that new growth is experienced & felt. So, don’t be afraid to sacrifice old philosophies and adopting a new, evolved one, in order to provide the glue that keeps them together.


Owning a family gym for six years has taught me a lot of things about life – in fast forward. In those six years I helped, with my programs, helped people transition through the sticky phases of life – teens to man-hood; the troubling 20s; the ambitious 30s; the ‘lost hope’ 40s; the care-free 50s; the uncertain 60s & the content 70s and 80s.

If you reach the 90s, its highly likely you’re on your own to celebrate your 95th birthday because everyone you ever knew is …. Six feet under.

Now, I have concluded, in my experience and my small sample of men and women in my lab (my gym), that part of the reason people stay together in marriage is because their needs are being met.

At first glance, that idea seems to be self-centered and selfish. Maybe it is. Just maybe, we ALL have the ‘selfish gene’ in us, like the aetheist Richard Dawkins proclaims. Good on him & his followers.

Marriages that last, include couples who WORK hard at it. Marriage, that is.

I believe they have a deep sense of commitment, a desire to stay together, and an ability to express affection as they understand each other’s needs and … I believe, specifically work at meeting those needs.

That is paramount. The meeting of these needs at various phases of life. It is never static, always continuously changing.

Understanding & meeting your mates/husbands/wife’s/ partner’s needs is a powerful way to serve your mate and strengthen your marriage.

So, what are you waiting for (if you’re married) …… go make your spouse her favourite warm drink (coffee?) & do it with love & care. Thank you.


What is romance?

I’ve never really understood what it is. I mean, I have done something in the past that I didn’t think was special, and I was thanked for being ‘so romantic.’ There are other few times where I thought I was trying to be romantic and got the cold shoulder.

I’m still confused and I’m a Mr Valentine?!

All these years later, I still don’t know what is to be romantic. I’m sure a lot of males out there do (and that is great) … but I struggle with being romantic.

I think romance should be done daily, in the little things that we do for each other, that won’t make a romance novel – like making your husband a cup of his favourite coffee or giving him hug when he least expects it. It does not take much to please a good gentle man and make him happy. Taking care of mozzies (mosquitoes) daily, not this ‘once-in-a-blue moon’ party shi*t@!

Romance, as I see it, is built upon qualities that each partner (hopefully) showers on each other, Some of them are –

  • Meeting each other’s needs;
  • Being tender;
  • Considerate & sensitive;
  • Thoughtful & …
  • Listening

Listening is very important. If you’ve been together for a long time then you should know him quite well so in addition to listening to what he says, try to listen to what he ‘does not say.’ Now that takes listening to a level that only very close ‘best friends’ tap in to.

Emotional Connections

What happens when man enters his mid-life years? I have a fair idea because I have seen and helped many-a-man transition through this phase of the many phases of life.

One thing that comes to fore is the feeling (from the mens’ perspective) that they are being ‘mothered.’

But, from my sample of hundreds of men over the last two decades, I can conclude that men DO NOT WANT A MOTHER. Women, do you know what they want?

They want a GIRLFRIEND. They don’t want a mother to make them feel like they are ‘one of the children.’


They want a girlfriend.

Now, for a woman to become a girlfriend to her husband, I believe (from my observation of life), she NEEDS to develop spontaneity.

Now, what does this mean … well, let me take that previous statement back. I think there is no such thing as spontaneity because a person has to have the thought – first, before any action is executed.

It may mean (for the wife), assuming a younger outlook on life, or a younger approach to the relationship. She should think in terms of how a younger woman would act around her husband.

She should, above all else, show admiration and affirmation to the extreme …. & dare I say it, ACT MORE FLIRTATIOUSLY.

Little things matter. But what makes you do the little things (I call these the ‘mosquitoes’ in life), whether positive or negative? Have you every thought about this? You may have heard people say ‘willpower.’ I have news for you, it is not willpower. Willpower means forcing yourself to do something you don’t really want to do. This is a never-winning game for you.

You cannot keep forcing yourself to do something if you don’t really want to do it. Period.

So, no, it is not willpower that drives your actions, but your ATTITUDE.

Attitude shows itself in everything you do – actions speaks louder than words, as we have been told when we were a child. So true, your attitude determines both your simplest and most complicated actions – from the way you carry yourself to the way you deal with hard times.

And a man going through a mid-life crisis phase … is a hard time. Let’s not kid ourselves, it is not funny at all.

So, for the partner we need to embrace this phase – not with willpower, not with determination or controlling your attitude and feelings. No. You need something more stronger, something that is at the heart – the breathing source of your attitude.

You need to re-discover this energy source to give you that ‘edge.’ And what is this source, well, it is simply your ‘philosophy’, which is a fancy word for the way you see yourself and the way you see the world. It is your philosophy that feeds your attitude.

Attitude is everything in life.

Your attitude is never static, it is changing all the time. And as your attitude changes, your feelings also change. Your philosophy is the secret that lies behind the puzzle of fate or destiny. So, to summarise –

A positive philosophy ==> positive attitude ==> positive actions ==> positive results.

A negative philosophy obviously does the opposite effect. Remember the “Ripple Effect” … well, it works both ways!

To manage this phase your partner/husband is going through you have to change yourself. And how do you do this? Well, your change yourself by changing your philosophy. BUT, you have to be willing to change or ADAPT & change if your want to change what’s happening in your life, your philosophy or how you see things must change.

And, very importantly ….

Don’t bring up the past in a negative sense. One of the quickest paths to success (I believe) is to get out of the past. Sure, its smart to review mistakes and unhappy events because that helps you to make better choices in the future. However, keep it swift.

Review, understand and take responsibility for the errors you’ve made (and we all have our fair share of mistakes/errors … no body is perfect, right?) But, don’t even spend too much dwelling on this even. Just use the past as a tool to do things differently in the present and, most importantly ….. MOVE ON!

So, invest your ‘emotional labour’ towards emotionally connecting to your partner/husband and realise that other things in life are not as urgent as they seem.

They can simply WAIT.

It is time to give your spouse your time and attention (before it is too late).

Please understand that this is just my initial thoughts, nothing more, nothing less. There are obviously many other reasons (when compounded over time) provides a leathal dosage of destruction.

Don’t’ let that happen to you. I will embrace it if it ever happens to me.


Best of VITALITY to YOU.


P.e. Valentine.

A good teacher is hard to find but finding a good student is even harder.
Plan the work – to work the plan.
Photo: discussing fine points of one of my programs with ex-Australian Wallaby & Waratah Captain, Mr Phil Waugh.


The STAR WARS within.


Have you watched Star Wars?

We’ve all seen a bit of Star Wars at some point growing up. Even if you’re not an avid fan, you would have heard or learned that Darth Vader and his tribe was on the ‘Dark Side’. A show that pitted the good Force against the Evil/Dark Force.

I believe such wars rages within each and every one of us with varying intensities throughout our lives. It is challenging during puberty but really rages between the mid-to-late 30s and late 40s. This STAR WARS battle happens within us. Not out in space, fighting wars in space-ships like in the movies.

No, this is a movie closer to home – to earth, to each individual, being played out within each of us. You, me. Everyone. Deep down inside each and every one of us …. there is a battle between the Forces of Good and the Evil – Dark Side.

I see this Dark Side in very young children too. In my observation of my children and just children in general, I have observed certain traits in them that I do believe rests in everyone until the day we die. It just stays dormant for parts of our lives. If you dug deep down inside of you, to the place that very few people go, what would you see?

I think these traits observable in young kids and toddlers are brought to the fore during this period of 30s to 40s. It is also enacted in the tumultuous teen years. This particular blog message is aimed at people in this age bracket (mid-30s to late 40s) but it could also be a point to reminisce about for those who are 50 and beyond. It could also serve as a forewarning for those in the teens and twenties.

So, what do you think you will see?

Mind-muscle connection through 'flexing the muscles' in a "most-muscular' pose.  Chris is an A+ student and the results show for a 47 year old man.  On his way to realizing  a physique and mind-set he imagines himself having. ... adopting my framework to body/mind re-engineering. Vv

Mind-muscle connection through ‘flexing the muscles’ in a “most-muscular’ pose.
Chris is an A+ student and the results show for a 47 year old man.
On his way to realizing a physique and mind-set he imagines himself having.
… adopting my framework to body/mind re-engineering.

I think we would ‘see’ inside of us what we all know is there but wished wasn’t. We have that Dark Side. I think deep down, we have a lot more in common with Darth Vader and his tribe than we all care to admit.

If we looked deep enough, I believe you know you will find the similarities you have with Darth Vader and very young children and that we all:

  • Are greedy
  • Are selfish
  • Are competitive
  • Are fearful
  • Are dependent
  • Have a destructive side
  • Are possessive

It can be scary to think that you still have these traits strongly embedded in you throughout your adult-life.

It is even more scarier to dig, deep, deeper than you have ever gone and make it to the Dark Side. I find that we all ‘touch’ on various aspects of the Dark Side throughout our lives but it is more prominent in the 40s.

From what I know about this decade from helping people as they transition through this phase of life in my two decades in the gym, it can be difficult. I have journeyed with them, feeling their ups and downs and almost as if I have been through this phase many times over (divorce is an end-result of this Star Wars).

It is an intense and confusing period. It is the second-coming of the hormonally charged, roller-coaster ride of the teens.

I think society refer to this period as the “mid-life crisis’. We all go through it. It is not IF we go through it, but WHEN!

It is a period of a re-examination. A re-examination of ALL THAT WE THINK AND STAND FOR.


Well, it seems that it is ultimately to discover the ‘true self’. It is the search for individual identity. A search for our own uniqueness. A search for authentic-ness. A search to find the identity that is authentically ours and ours alone.

It is a battle, a real battle – even bloody at times. An internal battle. But, just as you get closer to discovering, an internal resistance builds up. This internal resistance is ‘alien-like’. Foreign. I think Men and women travelling through this phase feel an ‘alien-like resistance primarily because of the Fear of what we may find, of what truth we may discover about ourselves.

Sometimes, it is just easier to ‘busy’ ourselves so that we do not have to make this discovery. Of ourselves.

It appears by the end of the 40 decade (if you don’t realize it at the start), we all come to a singular realization that WE STAND ALONE. We stand alone (and we always have been but only just come to the realization) in this battle, this internal battle. This is not a battle that we need a gun for but it is a very critical point for all of us – all of men and women that are travelling through it and will be travelling through in due course.

We ALL realise that WE STAND ALONE. Just like when we die, we DIE ALONE.

We Stand Alone because sooner or later, we discover that we are the only ones with our own set of thoughts and buckets of feelings. No one else have them. We may allow another person to have a taste of these thoughts and feelings through shared experiences and conversations (like I have had with some of the students I have helped in the gyms over the years).But that is all they can ever hope to get … just a taste.

We all STAND ALONE because we are the only ones who can truly DIGEST our thoughts and feelings. All the way to our grave.

Results with care.  Here, Brad is 'feeling the essence' of the exercise and is loading his guns(biceps) through the application of proper technique. Practise does not make perfect - Perfect practise makes perfect! Vv

Results with care.
Here, Brad is ‘feeling the essence’ of the exercise and is loading his guns(biceps) through the application of proper technique.
Practise does not make perfect – Perfect practise makes perfect!

In life, we fundamentally travel alone. We all Stand Alone. Accepting this is a difficult thing to do. But, even though we stand alone during in our thoughts, you ARE NOT ALONE.

Understand this distinction. There are institutions and places and people available today (more than ever before) that can help you through this important but painful transition in life. Places and people that will help you manage the liberation of the dark side in a somewhat controlled, healthy fashion. A less riskier way.

The battle between the Forces of good and evil/Dark Side makes us wonder and ask ourselves the question: Is this all there is? Is this as good as life gets?

I know a lot men and women that I have journeyed with as they transition through this rocky decade have in some way struggled with this thought.

Don’t fret if you don’t find the answer right away. Just know that your parents and grandparents and many generations before you have all been through this phase of life. You just have to be aware of the impending changes and learn or get help with ways to help best manage it.

One thing for certain is that everyone going through this phase of life will likely see the Dark Side, asking to be let out. There is definitely a very serious engagement at play.

The only catch is that you’re the ONLY PLAYER …. Playing many hands!

Playing many hands (in your head), representing the many roles that you have played in your life to that point. You’re comparing and contrasting all relationships you have had to that point, whilst battling with the fear of finding the Real YOU.

A serious game in a serious turning point in the serious game of life.

A serious engagement in the re-evaluation of his or her life. Where he or she goes with this … is anyone’s guess. Anyone’s bet.

Everywhere you look, there is a betting agency sprouting up odds on everything and anything in life – live sports entertainment is immensely backed up by these betting businesses. It seems many believe life is a game of chance.

Are you game to chance your life on a bet? Are you a betting person … in this game of life? What risks are you willing to take? Place your bets!

Choose well my friend …. Your life depends on it.

Until next time,

Retired rugby legend: Ex-Australian Wallaby & Waratahs Champion Captain & True Leader - Phil Waugh. Setting his own standards of excellence in all areas of his life, following my framework. A champion such as Phil is celebrated because we recognize that he has overcome personal ambition through sacrifice and dedication to higher principles - higher standards. Great leaders & champion sportsmen and women like Phil, can awaken awareness of the principle of higher standards that rests within the heart of every man and woman. AWaken yours today towards THE BEST YOU CAN BE with one of my programs!

Retired rugby legend: Ex-Australian Wallaby & Waratahs Champion Captain & True Leader – Phil Waugh.
Setting his own standards of excellence in all areas of his life, following my framework.
A champion such as Phil is celebrated because we recognize that he has overcome personal ambition through sacrifice and dedication to higher principles – higher standards.
Great leaders & champion sportsmen and women like Phil, can awaken awareness of the principle of higher standards that rests within the heart of every man and woman.
AWaken yours today towards THE BEST YOU CAN BE with one of my programs!

~~Life COACH~~

~~Life COACH~~