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Is the grass green on the other side?

Greener grass anyone?

Greener grass anyone?

How much do you earn? Is it enough for you? Do you wonder if your friends, neighbours or family are earning more than you? Do you secretly covet what your neighbours’ drive; what house they live in? I wonder ….

Some argue that ENVY is the root of all evil. Some argue that it is what spurs on economic growth. How much growth is enough? It seems the advertising industry is the machine that uses this belief as its fuel: Envy. It certainly is great for business.

The theory is that if people are unhappy which has resulted because people were envious or jealous, people generally tend to TRY HARDER. Does it work that way with you? Or do you pull others down rather than raise your standards and climb up to theirs? Do you just wrap yourself in self-righteous misery when you cannot complain anymore about the unfairness of life?

Do you read the annual publications of Rich Lists? Where do you stand? Does it make you happy or miserable? I dare say that it must make more people unhappy than happy.

Sometimes I wonder what if I got in on a certain share/stock or if I had sold my car or business at a better price by waiting a little longer or if I had not left that job. I’m sure you have too about certain things in your life. We all have. Does this make your life better or worse?

Maybe we should resolve to not begrudge others their success or good luck in life. Maybe we should resolve to be happy for them. To genuinely wish them well with it.

Maybe we should see that the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. No, not always. Maybe we should not yearn for the grass on the other side.


Maybe it would be easier to sail your ship through the sea of life by looking ‘straight ahead’ instead of looking over your shoulder at the other ships (other people).

Maybe, just maybe you will find contentment and move a little closer to everyone’s elusive ‘happiness’ goal. I believe – being content, genuinely content, is one of the surest ways of moving close to happiness. It is a process by which you also move to another consciousness level. Ask yourself how content (genuinely content) are you with everything in your life?

I know one thing for sure: being less envious and accepting that ‘the grass is not always greener on the other side’ would make your life less depressing.

No, I am going to take it further and suggest that maybe, we should trying viewing the colour of grass not as green or greener but viewing it as another colour (another view/philosophy).

Change your colour (philosophy). Find the right colour. Change your life – for the better.


Until next time.

Change your philosophy, change your life. Vv.

Change your philosophy, change your life.


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