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Fight or Flight?

Do you love YOU? Do you really, given that it is that time of the year – Valentine’s Day, where everyone demonstrates their love for another? Do you accept YOU? Do you really? “How do you mean?” you say.

Well, exactly as I mean. It is when you come to the realisation that you are many. You are also, one. It is when you bring all violence you do you yourself – to YOU, to a stop. Where you decide to love yourself more. Or, it is when you stop violence towards others by eliminating your own insecurities and inadequacies on to them, and in turn, demonstrating higher love for them.

Do you fight or flight from the most important person in the world to you: YOU?

Stop running from you. Don’t flight no more. Turn around. Look at the person you see in the mirror and ask what lies behind those eyes (refer to an earlier blog of mine with this title for further words on this). You are one but you are also one with the universe. Out of the wrongs and evil that has happened to you, good has come of it, too. Notice that.

Do you take everything as they are or do keep quiet, repress feelings and thoughts because of the fear, the fear that once you accepted these ‘things’ in your life, that you will be overpowered. This fear causes you to freeze up or flight/run. How about if I told you that this fear may not be true at all.

So, if you fear and choose to flight, flight reality, don’t. Stop!

Change strategy.

Choose your battles in the most important game you will play in life – in your life. And what is this game, I hear you say? Well, simply, the ‘game of life’. Yep, resolve within you, the real YOU, to firstly play the game of life and then become a better player. Become the best player you can be and don’t flight, but fight. Yes, fight. It is worth it – your life, that is.

Start with YOU, by loving you more.

Play the game of life: become better at life, and life will get better for you.

Become more self aware. Become more receptive to whatever comes your way – good or bad, rain or sunshine, night and day, forever alternating. In and out like the tides, knowing that you should accept you, through the good times and the bad, accepting your nature, your being and your positive and negatives sides. You may notice that you will be filled with an increased sense of vitality … that essential life-force and everything will become more alive to you.

Don’t be a fool.

Don’t try to force everything to go according to the way you thought it ought to. Don’t use force though. Use Power.

Fight and use Power, not Force – ALWAYS (refer to an earlier blog of mine regarding choosing Power or Force in life).

Fighting with Power is the only option. This is a higher love for you, and the universe.

Until next time …


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