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How much time do you have for a workout?

_MG_9779-1Doing something – anything, is ALWAYS better than nothing.The time you spend exercising and working on your health and fitness goals within a structured program should be viewed as an investment and not as an expense. It is akin to putting aside money in the bank. Everything adds up, every bit of exercise you do – counts.

However, people struggle to find time to go the gym.

But how much time is enough time? How much time do you believe you should have to able to have a meaningful workout? 10 minutes or 20? How about 30 minutes, maybe 1 hour or 2 hours? So, because people perceive that they need a massive 2 hour block to get a meaningful workout done, people don’t go. That’s like not putting a few dollars aside each time in your piggy bank when you have a few dollars available for saving and instead only saving when you have a cool one hundred thousand or a million dollars to bank. Odds are you’ll never save even if you finally had that huge sum of money to.

Its not how much time that matters but its what you do in that time and how you train. Basically how efficient and effective your exercise routine is. Experience and know how is an important factor to getting the most out of each minute you spend in the gym and I am not going to lie to you: not having as much time to exercise does mean that it may take you longer to see the results you’re gunning for.

But doing something – anything, even if all you have to spare is 20 minutes a week, will take you one small step closer to realizing your goals. It also means you won’t work as hard when you finally have a bit more time to exercise.

So, you only have a maximum of 30 minutes to spare in the week? So what? If that is all you can spare, then what if I told you that you already have enough time to serve your body (and mind) what it desperately needs. Obviously, there are many variables at play here when you’re venturing in to un-chartered territory if you have never been to the gym before.

Don’t fear, the exercises I am listing below is BASIC and when done with control and feel, risk of injury is relatively low. Regardless of what you look like or how fit you are – or what you visualize yourself looking like later, start with the exercises listed below for your 30 minute workout.

You can kick-start part of your New Year’s Resolutions using this. The key word here is: START.

Exercise Sets Reps What it works Specifically
Squats 2 10 Legs From your butt to your calves
Bench Press 2 10 Chest/shoulder/triceps Upper body
1-arm dumbbell row 2 10 Back Upper/middle and lower back
Upright rows 2 10 Shoulders/traps
Seated triceps extension 2 10 Triceps  The back of your arms
Biceps curls 2 10 Biceps The front of your arms/forearms
Crunches 2 15 Abdominals  “6-pack”
* Weight to be used for each exercise should allow you to get to the recommended rep range. If unsure please seek help from a suitably experienced and qualified professional.

The above workout plan is very basic and for the average beginner. Always workout with safety in mind. The reason it works is that when combined, these movements achieve a full-body workout that is very efficient and effective if you perform them within the 30 minutes you have available.

Working out acts as insurance for your muscles, making sure you don’t have to challenge any of them by accident. It also lowers the risk that you don’t fall in to the trap of working only the ‘mirror muscles’ – chest/shoulders/biceps that young men typically over-train in the gym. You set a foundation towards balance and symmetry which helps build a better body and significantly lowers risks of injury to your joints.

The program uses compound exercises – where several muscles work together, instead of isolation exercises which work only one muscle group. For example, doing the squat with proper form, your whole body has to pitch in. All your muscles in your body is turned ‘on’ and is required to work equally for a complete, balanced look. These compound exercises are more effective and practical for building lean muscle fast, because they work more muscle fibres in a shorter period of time. They also teach your body to work as ‘one unit’.

Working out efficiently and effectively is like a good rugby/football team: the forwards or big men lay the platform before the smaller, lanky, faster, smaller men out wide get involved for a winning combination and try/touchdown.

The best exercise programs are always designed to work the larger muscle groups first (legs, back, chest) and then smaller muscle groups (shoulders, triceps, biceps, calves and abs) last.

That’s all you need to know for a winning workout if you have 30 minutes to spare in the week for your investment in your health, strength and fitness. If you are looking for other products/options that may suit your needs better, have a look at some of these under my ‘training program packages’ tabs.

Consistency and persistence are also key variables in the achievement of your physical transformation goals.

Good luck!


Until next time,

Training efficiently and effectively under the “safety umbrella ☔️ “ helped me get to 2 x world 🌎 championships
The conservative approach to training is always the best way in the long term




5 thoughts on “How much time do you have for a workout?

  1. simplelivingover50 says:

    I have to admit, time is a factor for me. I force myself to get up at 4:00 AM and get in at least a 1 hour workout. I would love to have more time. The body does love to work.

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