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Muscle-building success: some simple laws.

B&W3349-1I have described in an earlier blog the congruence of muscle building and  life and have concluded after over two decades of gym experience, that they both have the same principles, namely –

  1.  Simplicity
  2. Continuity

Getting the body you desire and getting in to shape can be complicated but not as much as you think so. If it was so complicated, why are so many witless people in better shape than you are?

The answer is simple: every occupation has its trade secrets, those little muscle nuggets of insider information that acts as recipes to achieving a desired physique shape or result. A lot of people are in the ‘dark’ about these nuggets of inside info and so end up with nothing to show for their efforts in the gym. You can find many helpful secrets in the many resources out there today. However, unfortunately, there are also a lot of BS out there too!

I will try to share some of my more than two decades of training in the gym building and maintaining muscle and what I have observed from the many people who have gone through my various programs to success. This is not only to help you get started or keep going but to also help you not end up being like the millions of gym-goers who start and stop before giving themselves a genuine chance of success. Or for those who have tried everything to lose weight, change their body shape and have been unsuccessful. Very frustrating indeed!

Understanding the basic rules of exercise and weight-training can help you see why the basic average beginner’s workout example I detailed in my last blog can help you get the body you want. If all you can spare is 30 minutes and if you learned and applied the program I shared, you will learn that:

  • Your muscles will not struggle and hurt as much as you think
  • Your body burns fat no matter how long you exercise
  • Your exercise program does not need as many sets as you think
  • Your don’t have to think too much as the workout has been simplified

Also, you’re quite safe in the gym. The simple part is its simplicity in training. The difficult part is the consistent and persistent practice, the dedication required. This is what YOU have to do. You alone. You take full responsibility. No one can provide the dedication for you. Only you.

Try thinking of your muscles with mathematics in mind. Changing them to a look that you desire is much easier than most people would realize. Once you decide what you want your muscles and physique to look like, its really just a matter of determining the right formula to get that result. This formula includes the right combinations of numbers: repetitions, sets, tempo and the amount of weight you should use. Its like a golfer selecting a different club for a different stroke on the fairway.

For example if you’re strength-training for muscular endurance and a leaner look, doing 12 to 15 repetitions is the way to go or if you’re goal is increase in strength, then keeping your rep range under 6 is recommended. Put simply, to succeed in muscle-building, you need to:

  • Know where you are NOW, imagine where you NEED TO BE and design a program to TAKE YOU there (seek help from a mentor if you’re unsure how to)
  •  Stick to your program (ability is > 90% stickability)
  •  Always use correct exercise technique
  •  Train hard once you’re beyond the initial few months
  •  Eat every 3 hours or so (except when you’re sleeping)
  •  Eat ONLY healthy foods. Practice good macro-nutrient portion control based on your program.
  •  REST well between sets – between exercises – between workouts
  •  Go to bed early enough to allow for necessary recuperation. Adequate rest and recuperation leads to adaptation which leads to muscle success.

All this takes focus and dedication.


You’re now aware. Act. Adapt accordingly.

All the best!

Your friend in body re-engineering and muscle success,


Until next time,


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