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The Sum of a Life.

Front double biceps - a week ago. Practice. "Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect."

Front double biceps – a week ago. Practice.
“Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.”

The sum of a Life: the sum of your searches, your seeking.

The choice is yours. Yours alone.

1. Seek – you will find.
2. Seek Not– you won’t find.

To seek is part of being human, part of the human soul. Part of you. Part of me. Part of the human race. Life is a constant search.

To live is to seek.

A never-ending search for answers.

We are all searching. We are all seeking. From the moment we take our first breath in this world, being granted life, we have searched.

Every second, of every day.

Constantly. A never-ending appetite.

We need to know. Answers. To the all important question – “why?”.

Why? I don’t know. Not even certain if it will make us better as a human race if we got the answer to all questions.

We seek to understand. Understand the world around us. We seek to understand people. We seek to understand ourselves. We seek to understand the meaning of life.

Some people do more seeking than others. Some people don’t bother seeking much. Some people think seeking and searching is a waste of time. Fair enough. That is their prerogative.

Whichever choice you make, on whether to seek or not to seek, I believe that the sum of your life will come down to the extent you seek and search for answers.

Outside yourself. Within yourself.

The more you seek, the more you search, the greater the chance of you reaching your potential in your life. The greater the chance you live a life of significance.

The greater the chance that at the end of your life, you are proud and very content of the person you HAVE BECOME as opposed to what YOU’VE GOT in life. That you have searched to understand rather than searched to be understood.

Seek, my friend – seek. Just do it!

The more you seek – the more you find. It is as fundamental as that. If you don’t seek – the less you find.

Keep that hunger alive. That flame burning.

Like the very powerful passage in the bible states along the lines of … “Seek and ye shall find”.

Very true indeed. Believe it so. Have no doubt.

No belief. No nothing.

Keep searching for a better YOU. Don’t ask yourself “why” you should continue to search, to seek. Instead ask yourself “why not?”

You cannot afford not to.

Keep your dreams alive. Keep the faith.

Keep on keeping on your searching. Never, ever, ever …. give up!


Until next time,

With 8 x Mr Olympia - "The King", Ronnie Coleman.

With 8 x Mr Olympia – “The King”, Ronnie Coleman, earlier this year.



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