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To Matter or Not To Matter.

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I sometimes think of the human body as a community, and every part of the body playing an intricate role in it to function, and function optimally. All the way down to its cellular level, such as the white cell. As basic human anatomy classes have taught us, the cell is the basic unit of an organism. However, one of the great things about the cell is that it can live for itself, or it can help build and sustain the larger being – the human being.

So, the body can be seen as one unit, but it is made up of many, many parts – namely, cells. Though there are many cells, they form and make up ONE – one body. The cells cannot escape even if they wanted to. For example if a cell making up your biceps should say to the optic nerve cell, “hey, I am not an optic nerve cell, so I won’t be part of this human body”, it would still belong to the body, whether it likes it or not. You see, the cell is an individual and an integral part of the ‘whole’.

Every cell has a life and a purpose of its own. Every cell is arranged by God or whoever you believe in, just the way the universal, super-energy wanted it to be. If all the cells were the same, humans would not be able to do the things we do. We simply would not exist as we are. There would be no eye, no nose, no hand, no foot – no body. There would be no mind. There would be no – YOU!

So, we are billions of cells. But, one body, mind and spirit.

One, but many.

It follows from my analogy above, that even though a hand or a foot or an ear cannot have a life separate from the body, the microscopic little cell, can. It can be loyal to the body or just cling to and exist on its own, and only worry about its own life.

We’ve all got to be careful though, as some cells do choose to infiltrate and live in the body, with the other cells, other organs, sharing all that it has to give. Getting all its benefits and giving nothing in return. Taking, taking, and more taking, whilst maintaining complete independence, pilfering what the whole body, the whole community has worked for: the preservation of life. Giving nothing. This works against the whole being, better using the limited resources to the betterment and survival of YOU.

In time, these minority cells gain more strength, more power and more leverage as they have access to more resources.

These become parasites and cancer cells.

They wear you down and eventually kill. The human, unknowingly allows the minority cancer cells to repeatedly torcher, pilfer, exploit and weaken the majority. The majority that is the good white cells. You have the power to stop the spread of these cancer cells. How?

Become part of something bigger. Bigger than you. Bigger than the individual.

Become part of a group, a club, a community, a movement, a passion, a religion – like the tiny little microscopic cell in your body is. A part of you. Don’t be afraid of commitment. No, commit to yourself. Sign up for life membership with this group. Share your voice. Let your voice be heard. Don’t be afraid. Share your speciality. Give your time, your energy. Share your knowledge and contribute to that something that is bigger than you.

Help! That group. That team. That movement. That religion.

The greatest need for each and every one of us is not only the basic needs as outlined by Abraham Maslow in Maslow’s hierarchy. No, the greatest need is to have significance. To matter!

A man’s ultimate desire is immortality.

We want “something” to survive us. Have you ever wondered why monuments, buildings, stadiums, roads churchs and many days in the calendar is named after someone? To be remembered. To be remembered that your life had mattered.

Search your soul. Search your heart. Do you in some small way (or big way) wonder and hope that one day someone will remember your time when you were alive (now). That your life, above all else – MATTERED? Was it a life that had significance? Was it a life with purpose? I don’t know. Only you can answer that question.

And you will probably need to answer two other questions:

  1. Who am I?
  2. Why do I exist?

How we decide to answer these two questions is a choice between two timelines: One that is about eighty years old and one that lasts forever. To eternity.

What I do know is that you still have a chance to have one. You first need to look at  finding your purpose in life, your little contribution to the bigger world of human beings is critical. Critical to your uniqueness of individuality and loyalty to man-kind as the cell is to the human body. One cannot live without the other.

Every thought you think. Every action you take will have an impact on some other human being, whether you intended to or not. Try to add value to rather than subtract value from another human being’s life through the way you think and act.

Nothing happens in isolation in your body just like nothing happens in isolation in the universe. There is a ‘flow-on’ effect. An imprint in the history of your life. An imprint on human-kind’s history. Of our universe’s entire life.

You. Me. Each and everyone of us form part of the whole – the whole human race. Just like the cell is an integral part of the human body. You have a part to play in your life – while you are alive. Find this role. Search high and low. Never-ever give up looking. Just like most things we look for, remember to look for it in the place you least expect to look. Sometimes, it could be right in front of your nose and you don’t ‘see it’ at first.

Sometimes, you may need to stop looking. You may just be too close to the problem. In this case, seek appropriate and relevant help.

Understand your role in your loyalty to the human-race to the best of your ability and play it. Find your purpose. Find your significance. How do you do this? Well, one vital step is to work on increasing your awareness of YOU. Look in to your belief systems, your principles. Your values.

Question them. Challenge them. Turn them upside down, inside-out. Shake them up and sieve all the bullSh#t out. What remains is the essence. Your essence of your life. This is a possible starting point.

The answer is uniquely yours. Your individuality. But remember, your independence, your uniqueness needs to also be balanced with your loyalty to the human race.

Here’s a little formula: Life purpose => Significance (positive contribution to a higher purpose) => Mattered (when you’re six feet under).

Just like the little cell in your body, doing its job for a higher purpose – doing its job to help you be YOU, you may just be surprised with how your unselfish contribution towards some higher purpose, may change your world.

It may change the world. The human race. For the better.

So make your life, a life that matters. Now and when you’re gone. Find your significance. Find your immortality.

Living a life without significance is close to not living a life at all.

Think. Do.

Until next time,


Paul V1


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