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Appropriate Significance.



In my last blog “To matter or not to matter”, I posed two questions –

  1. Who am I?
  2. Why do I exist?

How we answer these questions determines whether we live for about eighty years or eternity.

I mentioned that it would have to be one of man’s innate needs: to have mattered. It is the same for all men, whether you trying to achieve your full potential in life or only doing just enough to survive from paycheck to paycheck.

Maybe, some men can imagine it engraved on their tombstone:

“He made a difference.”

Man’s most innate need, I believe, is his/her need to be significant – to find purpose, to find meaning.

The important thing here or the difference between success and failure in achieving this need to be significant is HOW we go about satisfying this. You could go about it by fulfilling your own ambitions by sucking in all the spoils of this life and think this could get you closer to being significant.


You could succeed by becoming a part of a higher purpose – a club, a movement, a political party, a religion. You could find it in your relationship with a higher force, whatever it may be – God, Mohammed, Hare Krishna, Buddha.

So, how we answer those two questions determines how we seek out significance. It divides us in to two distinct groups:

  1. Those who seek significance in appropriate ways
  2. Those who seek significance in inappropriate ways

Which one are you? Which group will you fall in to when you’ve left this physical earth? Our hunger to satisfy this need of significance can get you closer to God (or whatever deity you pray to) or move you further away from him.

I believe authentic, lasting significance lies in your connection and belief in your higher force – your God. You need to be part of something bigger than you, something all-encompassing, something omni-present. Something God-like, or God himself if you are a Christian.

It does not matter what religion you belong to. Maybe, even construct your own bible or religious text.

Through communication with your God, through prayer and meditation, you can achieve significance that endures, that is lasting.

This communication link, like branches to a vine, will allow you to grow and seek your significance in appropriate ways. You will find your life purpose and remembered forever.

Dream: you will be remembered when you are gone. That Your Life mattered.


Until next time,


Paul V2 (1)


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