dreams, risk

Clothed in overcoats

Life is full of opportunities.

Some people are born with silver spoons in their mouths. Their parents are rich and understanding. And the children can take up any activity that they fancy. Not always successfully.

Most of us, however, are not that lucky. We have to achieve whatever success we can through our own efforts and possibly the support of family, and sometimes complete strangers.

It is important that you recognize those opportunities as they come along. Sometimes opportunities come clothed in overcoats, and you don’t realize it until the coats come off.

It is important that you recognize chances as they come along. Grasp them with both hands, give them a good shake, and say “Thank you”.

Don’t let fear hold you back, grasp these chances with all your might and stare fear in the face. I have always believed life is a huge exercise in Risk Management. So, take the risk … admittedly, after an educated assessment of the initial risk and implementing measures to help mitigate the risk to a personally acceptable level. Ask for help. Ask for help from the right people if you’re not sure. You don’t want to go to a florist if you need help with a plumbing business idea, for example.

Don’t be afraid to ask, it takes more courage to ask then not to and it saves you from a lot of potential pit-falls in the future. Take the opportunity and the attached risk or risks that go with it. Appeal to the “David” in you as you face up to the apparent Goliath ahead of you.

No risk – no nothing. Period!

So, set your plan and work your plan, even if you don’t have all the information available before you act. Work them, work your plan, work them, work them … and never, ever, ever  …. Give up. Life is already full enough with people who have ‘given up’. Don’t add to the world’s burden. Take charge, take life by the hands and give your chances the best, the best of – YOU!

When you do recognize these limited opportunities, always keep in mind that the BEST of YOU, requires that you be the BEST SERVANT you can be. Nothing more. Nothing less. With this philosophy steadfastly etched in your mind, in your way of life, in the way you walk …  the way you talk … the way you relate to people and animals and the way you relate to the BEST YOU, be prepared to embrace all that you receive. With gratitude.

I think someone great worded it terrifically in the years gone by – saying that there is a universal law of reciprocity.

Whether you believe so or not, understand that what you get out of life is not directly proportional to what you put in, no, I believe, what you get out of life is directly proportional to what you give without expecting, genuinely not expecting anything in return.

It is difficult to do, but try it and most importantly, persist.

You may only get one, two, or three opportunities in a lifetime. Make the most of it.

If you are religious – think of it as God’s blessing.

If you are not so inclined, put it down to fate.


Until next time ….


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