1. You make an appointment to discuss you, your current lifestyle, exercise regime, eating habits and a few other important health matters pertaining to YOU.

2. In the initial consultation we discuss and define your objectives/goals and any possible fears you may have. Once we have determined your NEEDS, I will recommend to you the appropriate program that best suits you and the achievement of your needs/goals.

3. You will be sent information relating to the meeting and my recommended program that best suits your needs. Upon accepting, we will set a date for your next meeting which will be your first session with me within the program-proper.

4. I do my initial assessments and take a few key measurements – age, height, weight, body-mass index, body-fat % etc.

5. In your first session, you will be given an overview of the program specially tailored for you. You will be given an outline of the approach we will take for you. Each person’s journey is unique and so each program will be specific to the individual.

6. We will go through the major phases of the program, based on my unique framework. Each key area of the program will be executed with due care and diligence. Individuals progress through the phases at their own pace in the most efficient, effective and safe manner.

7. Key milestones and targets will be set and each phase will be marked by measuring KPIs for these goals/targets. Effective communication is a big part of the success of the program and all feedback to/from is dealt with immediately with sufficient and appropriate action.

8. Journeying through the individualized programs, each participant experiences not only the desired physical re-engineering goals but a complete sense of ‘whole-self personal development’.

9. Through increased Awareness, commitment to sufficient and appropriate Action and the enhanced desire to Adapt, you reach a heightened level of self-actualization. We’re all told to accept the jewel you discover inside of you. I disagree. My programs allow you to only settle for the most valuable of all jewels dug up – diamond. Let me help you discover the ‘diamond’ in you.

10. You come out at the end of the course – realizing your vision of ‘closing the gap’ between how you look in the mirror and how you imagine yourself to be.

You see-feel-talk-walk-sleep-eat-train- like the person you imagine yourself to be.

The same YOU, only a thousand times BETTER (limited only by your imagination)!

A recent independent survey of clients I have helped over the last 12 years revealed some interesting statistics:

  • 84% rated my service Excellent or Above Average.
  • 80% rating in helping clients meet their goals.

A few comments volunteered by satisfied participants/students who achieved Success in their tailored programs:

A full on non-stop training for one hour”

Gary M (Large-scale Senior Project Engineer Manager)
Age: 51.

Program undertaken: 90 Day Body Re-engineering (2 x contact hours per week for 12 weeks)

“A specialized, short, sharp, succinct, session with successful outcomes!”

Heidi W – female : (Manager – hospitality industry/college lecturer)
Age: 43.

Program undertaken: 90 Day Body Re-engineering (2 x ½ hour Contact per week for 12

“With Paul’s training I was able to kick-start my training again, back to where I wanted to be.

Thank you, Paul.”
Warwick B (Senior Engineering Project Manager)
Age: 44.

Product undertaken: 90 Day Body Re-engineering (2 x Contact hours per week for 12 weeks).

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