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Can diamond be soft?

B&W3339   We have all heard that advertising line “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, haven’t we? What a fantastic line. Connected with millions and millions of women world-wide and fantastic for the bank of the dealers in this rare earth. Every girl would not settle for anything else. Diamond was and still is the ultimate gift. It was and still is a strong belief. Even if there is another substitute that was actually more valuable, you could not convince the millions of girls and women that they would be getting a better deal taking the alternative.

It’s part of every girl’s psyche now, part of their value-system. Part of a big part of society. Part of their belief-system that is almost unbreakable. This is one example of how belief can be so powerful. Whoever came up with that advertising line was a marketing genius.

Diamond is also one of the hardest substances on the planet. Can diamond be soft? To you? To anyone? Put aside cognitive theorising, but imagine, just think of the possibility of diamond being soft. If someone believed it to be soft, can he really think it so? Forget about it being true or false for a minute. If in his eyes, in his head, he believes something to be so, and really does believe it so, no one could convince him otherwise, could they? So, diamond can be soft in someone else’s mind. Just like the followers of the different religions of the world, lets name some of the leaders – Jesus Christ, Muhammed, Hare Krishna, Buddha and so on. Believers of each of these faiths and others believe a certain philosophy, and even if there was countless evidence to suggest otherwise, staunch believers would not waiver. It would not instill doubt in their minds.

We see a lot of examples in history and in our current daily lives.

Look around you, become aware of the power of belief in your every day life. Look at champion sports-persons, champion sports teams. The factor that makes them rise above others in the competition they’re in, especially given how equal teams are these days in terms of skill and talent, is belief. Belief that they are the BEST. Only a very good coach can get individuals to believe they are the best and keep them believing that so. Unwaveringly and with not an ounce of doubt at all. Just like a staunch Christian believes that their salvation is believing that Jesus Christ, son of their God, died on the cross for their sins and for all sins. All you have to do is to: Believe.

What examples can you see happening on the world stage? What beliefs do you hold to be true and have never questioned its efficacy all your life. Beliefs that you had adopted growing up, when you were just a kid, without the capability of evaluating its worthiness and overall effect in how your life turned out and still turning out. How these beliefs forming part of your belief-system, which impact on the decisions and choices you make in your life, without you consciously thinking about them. Choices that attract certain people and situations in to your life that may or may not contribute to your life in a positive manner. All this stems from your belief system. What you hold to be true or make appear true. Have you had chance to think about this possibility?

Your perception is your reality and yours alone.

A conclusion I have formed from the hundreds of people I have helped over the years in their body re-engineering goals, is that those that have been very successful, have desired the end-result. They have also believed in the product and have also been flexible enough to adopt changes to their belief system. They have been brave enough to learn how to think and act like the person they imagine themselves to be. Believing un-waveringly in their NEW SELF.

All successful goal achievements in life have to resonate with your beliefs. If you’re not getting the results that you desire in your life, don’t do what doesn’t work, do what does. For example, before jumping on a band-wagon and going on some fad diet, ask yourself, truly ask yourself if you have the right beliefs to achieve the goal you set out for. Do yourself a favour, learn how to think and act like the person you would like to be. Find someone who can show you how its done. Just like you would do when you go to an unfamiliar country, get yourself a ‘tour-guide’ of your mind. Don’t be scared. It could be one of the best investments you would make in yourself. In your life.

Recallibrate your GPS within yourself by adopting beliefs that get what you want, not what you don’t want. Once done, you can then sail more confidently towards different or better results in all areas of your life.

So, if you want to believe diamond is soft, to hell with anyone who says its not possible, that it is not true!

You have no doubt. You’re a believer!


Until next time,


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