Should you use Force or Power?

Interesting question, isn’t it? What would you choose? Which one would yield a better probability of success, all things being equal? To answer this, lets attempt to try and define what Force is. What Power is. Lets try …. Without googling it.

The first thought that comes to my head when I read or hear the word Force, I think of the definition provided to me years ago, in my Year 11 Physics class in High School. If I remember correctly, Force is the product of a body’s mass multiplied by the acceleration that is acting on it. Put simply, in Physics terminology, the formula is:

Force (N) = Mass (kg) x A (acceleration)

where A is gravity acting on the mass, which is about 9.8m.s.s

That’s a little bit of Classical Physics for you.

There are many more definitions of Force. Maybe, we don’t need to go in to definitions. Maybe, its better if we just chat about it.

What about Power. How would you define it? You can see it when it happens – on the sporting field or arena. I particularly, love the power exhibited by sprinters in the 100 m dash – short, very intense and very powerful. There are people who possess more Power than others in all sorts of ways – economic, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical, amongst many others. We see examples of it in action every day – on the roads to work or school, on tv, with our friends and family etc … examples of power-play, every day.

I will make a bold statement to say that the universe favors the latter, Power.

A bold statement indeed.

Do you believe in karma? Do you believe that the universe registers everything? Do you believe the universe never forgets? Do you do unto others you would like to be done on to you? Do you think you would have to accept responsibility for every thought, word, and deed you generate for the entire time you’re physical body graces the earth? Do you think, in this sense, that maybe, just maybe, you or we create our own heaven or hell? Some people call it purgatory. It does not matter if you’re religious or not, you would have heard about heaven or hell by now.

How about if I told you that my bold statement reflects exciting new areas of theoretical Physics, that everything in the universe is connected with everything else. Wow, you’re kidding, right? Nope. Am not. It is now a Scientific fact that every act or decision we make, every ripple we create, generates a magnetic field that either enhances your life and lives or it takes away from it. The ripple we created returns to us, giving off a certain energy pattern. A certain frequency. We all know it as ‘karma’.

You could say, from a religious point of view, that every word, thought is known and recorded forever. There are no secrets; nothing is hidden. Our spirits stand naked in time for all to see – everyone’s life, is accountable to the universe. This is very similar to what I learned in Sunday School growing up as a child, that there is one God. He alone is God. He alone is the judge. Science is now saying that God could be … omnipresent … could be everywhere … could be, just could be … the universe. I don’t know. No one knows yet. This is not meant to discriminate against on-christian believers, it is just a statement of deduction, supported by science.

Now, back to Power.

How does Power arise? It seems that Power arises from meaning or purpose. From the Heart. This is why you need to spend a bit more time thinking about your life, what it represents and the extent of influence you would like to leave behind in this world, when you’re gone. How do you do that? Find your purpose or meaning in life. Search high. Search low. Search everywhere. Search your soul. It could be the most important few minutes/hours/days you spend for the rest of your life. Find your purpose. Do it now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not after Christmas. Do it now.

Does Power have motive? I think it does. Power is probably more appealing to us, as human beings. Why? Because, it just is. Personally, I prefer Power over Force, any day. For example, I prefer the Powerful humming sound of a Harley Davidson motorbike to a small speedster. You hear Power when it comes towards you.

Power does not seem to need justification, does it? Force, on the other hand, must always be justified. Think back to your own life, with your own examples of Force or Power. Let me help you jolt your memory with a few more thoughts.

With Power, it seems, no movement is required. Back to my opening Physics formula, you can see that for a Force to happen, it needs to be moved or move. Essentially, Force is a movement – from point A to point B (or tries to) against opposition. You see, Force, automatically, creates a counter-force. Power, on the other hand, doesn’t do this. It is still. Its constant. Its all encompassing. A good example would be something we’re all familiar with –  gravity. A standing field, that doesn’t move against anything. Its immense Power moves all objects within its field, but the gravity field itself does not move.

So, we can see that Power is complete and total. Gravity, for example, does not need anything from outside. It does not need to be fed. Unlike Force, which is always moving, always moving against something. Force has an insatiable appetite as it needs to be fed all the time.

In Year 11 Physics all those years ago, if I remember correctly, every force produces an equal and opposite force. If this is correct, and it is, as we have millions of examples, happening in our daily lives, then, we could say that its ultimate effect is to polarize. Now, if there is a counter-force which leads to polarization, we then have a situation. And what situation would this be? Well, we would create a situation of conflict and as we all know, conflict spells trouble. Trouble most of us don’t need more of in our lives. Conflicts in life inevitably results in somebody losing out and this leads to enemies being created. Constantly faced with enemies can drain you, can suck the life out of you … as you repeatedly have to defend yourself, cover yourself and ‘watch your back’. As you can see, Force requires constant defense. Defensiveness is very costly, whether in politics, personal affairs or the marketplace. It is quite evident in international affairs and the extent of costs associated with countries in conflict.

Ultimately, a source of power is that it is just, “is”! Plain and simple. It just, is. Nothing added. What do you think? It just, is. No extras with that. Only a week ago, one of the greatest individuals that ever walked the face of this earth, passed away. Mr Nelson Mandela. Now he is a great example of an individual that was just Power Personified. His life was lived with purpose, appeared to be one of which was to raise awareness to the world that all men are created equal and that human rights are intrinsic to human creation. This very concept was the source of power for another great human being exuding power: Mahatma Gandhi. These were men that lived by the native principles of our civilization which were noble and not selfish. You could say the same for others like Jesus Christ, Buddha, Krishna and Mother Theresa. There are probably many others you could think of.

I also believe that True Power also, ultimately, evolves or springs from consciousness itself. You see it everywhere. I elaborate on the idea of ‘consciousness’ in my previous blog on ‘mindless’. Have a read if you get a chance. True Power, ultimately, rests or resides in YOU. The question you’ve got to ask yourself is “who are YOU?”. More on that one very important question in a later blog, but for now, just be more aware of you, your environment – internal and external. Power is everywhere. What you are seeing is the physical manifestation of the invisible, just like the body is the physical manifestation of the mind.

How do you want to live? Are you living with meaning? With purpose? Do you want to? Why is this important? Would you like to know how you could live your life with more purpose, more meaning? For one thing, you need to live your life by life principles, and not live without intangibles like pride, honor, love, compassion and valor. One needs to align oneself with the search for balance and beauty or aesthetics. Force does not bring you joy, but Power does. People who align themselves with enhancement and embodiment of beauty, with whatever instrument (musical, sculptor, the human body), vitality and longevity. Wouldn’t we all want to strive towards that?

Yes, I think it would be wise to do so.

So, it follows, that it would be wiser to adopt a philosophy of Power than that of Force. You don’t want to learn everything in your short life on this lovely earth – first hand. Life is too short to try and experience everything first hand anyway. I remember certain older family members saying when I was a kid, especially when it came to exotic foods, “Paul, you won’t know until you try it”. Well, I thought that was the case for a long time, for most things in life. Philosophies change and years of experience has taught me that there are things I know I don’t want to try, simply because I know I don’t want it. I don’t need it. Simply because I am more aware of who I am now than I was, say, when I was a fifteen year old teenager. I know the person who lies behind the eyes that I see when I look at myself in the mirror (I have elaborated on this topic in a previous blog). I don’t need to try something to see if I like it.

Knowing you, helps you know what you need and what you want. Differentiating between the two (a need and a want) can be very difficult for some. The philosophy you base your viewpoints and decisions on will aid in this. Choosing to use Power over Force in your life, will ultimately add to your life. Not subtract from it.

Choose Power over Force to enhance and add to your life. Add to your universe. Add to all Life.

Making choices is part of life. Choices have risks. These risks have consequences. These consequences determines the path you head down in life. Do you make your own path in life? One that resonates with your heart, with your dreams, with your imagination. Do you take a path less traveled, like the path of Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Gandhi, a path of purpose or do you take a well-trodden path, one which appears safer because the majority is doing it – one without a purpose, like a ship floating in the ocean of life, without a rudder and sails, moving aimlessly, where the currents take you?

Choosing Power may help you navigate your ship in the sea of life, better. Getting to your destination a little quicker, and safer, despite the changing currents.

You find purpose when you adopt a philosophy of Power. Not Force.

Choose well. It is your life, after all.

Until next time.


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